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armasuisse Science and Technology

about us

S+T is the technology centre of the VBS.

Contacts and Locations from Science and Technology S+T

Contacts and Locations from Science and Technology S+T

Publications S+T

Here you will find various publications on the activities of armasuisse Science and Technology.

Cyber Security and Data Science

Security organizations are increasingly reliant on reliable and secure communication and information-gathering means.

Communication and Electromagnetic Protection

The secure transmission of information between sensor systems, decision-makers and emergency services constitutes a challenge particularly in mobile engagements.

Measuring and testing equipment

Our measuring and testing facilities are available to national and international customers for system and component testing.

The Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre (SDRC)

The Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre of the DDPS (SDRC DDPS) supports the Swiss Armed Forces and other authorities by introducing unmanned systems for national safety and security.

Simulation and outer space

In the areas of simulation and outer space, we are researching, developing and testing technologies and solutions for capability development, mission support as well as education and training of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Research Management

Technology is developing faster than ever. This development is driving how modern armies are organised and successfully engaged.

Explosives and Ammunition Surveillance

This technical department embodies Switzerland‘s unique expertise relating to military explosive substances, such as explosives, gunpowder and signal flares and ammunition monitoring.

Test Center

Tests and technical clarifications are carried out using state-of-the-art testing and measurement technology.

Sensor Technology

In the areas of management, reconnaissance and surveillance, the army needs up-to-date situational pictures to be able to make important decisions quickly in the case of defence.

Cyber-Defence Campus

The Cyber Defence Campus is the link between the DDPS, industry, academic institutions and hacker communities when it comes to all things related to cyber security.