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Brochures, publications and flyersPublished on 1 January 2023

armasuisse Insights

Every month, we provide you with information on an exciting topic related to armasuisse. You will be given insights into projects, learn all there is to know about armasuisse-specific subjects and much more. See below for an overview of the entire «armasuisse Insights» series.

Overview of the latest Insights series

A plant is surrounded by a virtual protective shield.

8 May 2024

Sustainability in mobility

Sustainability is currently an important topic – and in particular with a view to the future. The DDPS wants to set an example in the energy and climate area with its «Action Plan Climate and Energy».

18 July 2023

armafolio magazine

Published in July and December, the magazine reports on all the subject areas and specialist sectors of armasuisse.

26 April 2023

DDPS innovation environments in an international context

The DDPS innovation environments are as diverse as the problems which they are trying to solve. So are the partners involved in finding the solution.