«I prefer a bike for short trips, particularly in the city, you’re simply faster»

To avoid waiting times and bypass congestion, Andrea Sempach also regularly uses a bike for short trips. The health aspect of this is a further advantage which has convinced her to use this means of transport. However, she had to experience first-hand that particular caution is required in road traffic. You can read more about her experiences in the interview.

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armasuisse Science and Technology research brochure

The research brochure from armasuisse Science and Technologies provides you with an insight into our unusual daily research routine. We present the knowledge we have obtained from our research activities and highlight the benefits that have resulted from our research and the cooperation with our research partners.

Research Brochure (in German)

«Cyber Start-up Challenge 2020»: Start-up company CounterCraft convinces jury

The DDPS Cyber Defence Campus has launched a challenge to find start-ups and innovative technologies in the cyber area. In the first edition of the challenge, the start-up company CounterCraft was able to impress the jury with its innovative solution in the area of cyber threat intelligence.

Media release

Which technologies will we use in the future?

armasuisse Science and Technology has designed the Technocast project together with its research partners. The project is intended to demonstrate which technological applications are accepted by people and how well. Technocast wants to experiment with new forms of statistical studies.


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With us you will have the opportunity to work on unique major projects.

Your dedication will help make Switzerland a more secure and attractive place.

Renting and buying

Renting and buying

You can acquire armed forces equipment at the following address:  


Find out what uses military real estate can be put to.

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Become a supplier

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The competence sectors «Command & Control and Reconnaissance Systems», «Land Systems», «Aeronautical Systems» and «Purchasing and Cooperations» are responsible for procurement on behalf of the Swiss Armed Forces, the Confederation and other customers.

armasuisse Real Estate

armasuisse Real Estate

The competence sector for real estate within the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) is responsible for the overall management of buildings and facilities belonging to the DDPS. - Pages available in german, french and italian.

armasuisse Science and Technology S+T

armasuisse Science and Technology S+T

S + T is the technology center of the VBS. The tasks include Technology Management at and independent expertises and tests.

National Armaments Director

National Armaments Director’s page

National Armaments Director’s page

The National Armaments Director is responsible for the development, evaluation, procurement and disposal of systems and equipment of the Armed Forces and other customers.

An additional area of responsibility concerns planning and procurement for the Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS).