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Published on 19 August 2016



A man is sitting in a yellow walking excavator and behind the excavator is a red tent with the lettering ARCHE.

12 July 2024

ARCHE 2024 – research demonstrators for future disaster relief

ARCHE stands for Advanced Robotic Capabilities for Hazardous Environments. This event took place for the seventh time between 1 and 5 July 2024 in the military training village in Epeisses.

A group of people is standing together in several rows

10 July 2024

Review of the 53rd European Symposium of test pilots in Lucerne

The 53rd European Symposium of the «Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP)» took place in Lucerne from 26 to 29 June 2024.

A man is standing next to a screen and holding a presentation. An audience is seated facing him.

4 July 2024

The research programmes 3a and 3b – Cyberspace and Data Science – mark the conclusion to this year’s annual reporting

The last two annual reports from armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T) for 2024 took place on Wednesday, 26 June 2024.

Representation of a head with different interconnections within the brain

28 June 2024

Save the date: round table for the Drones Task Force

In light of the rising number of security risks and ongoing conflicts, the DDPS Secretary General, the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief of Armament and the Director of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) have decided to set up a Drones Task Force.

A man gives a lecture to several people.

28 June 2024

Swiss Team uses SCION to connect to Estonia during Cyber-Defense Exercise

During the Locked Shields 2024 cyber defense exercise in April this year, the Swiss team used the SCION network architecture to connect to the exercise infrastructure in Estonia.

A man stands before an audience with a screen positioned next to him.

12 June 2024

Annual reporting on research programme 4 «Impact, Protection and Safety»

On 4 June 2024, the latest annual reporting event was held at armasuisse S+T: Research programme director, Dr Ronny Lorenzo, presented research programme 4 «Impact, Protection and Safety» to interested parties from the DDPS.


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