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CommunicationPublished on 30 November 2023

Video podcast SDRC «The multilayered challenge of drone defence»

The Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre SDRC of armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T) has created a video podcast on the topic «The multilayered challenge of drone defence», together with the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) of the University of Zurich. In this podcast, the subject of drone defence against small drones is dealt with in seven episodes. Noemi Schenk from the SDRC moderates throughout the individual episodes, in which experts from the areas of drone defence, technology, legal matters and military contribute their knowledge. The goal of this project is to examine various different areas of these drones and to obtain an overview of this topical issue. This video podcast was supported by Prof. Markus Christen, DSI, as well as the Multimedia & E-Learning Services (MELS) of the University of Zurich.