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university student / graduate

A university internship at armasuisse offers exciting opportunities to successfully put the knowledge you have acquired in your studies into practice. A variety of challenges and wide range of tasks await you at armasuisse. Mastering them will open doors to promising opportunities on the job market. You will be responsible for tasks in a technical field related to your studies and will work with others on projects.

Have you recently successfully completed your studies, or will you soon be completing them? Are you interested in security issues, new technologies, real estate, topics related to procurement law, politically relevant communications or human resource issues? Are you an independent and committed individual who likes to assume responsibility? Are you a quick learner with the desire to address complex issues? Then armasuisse is the right place for you!

We look forward to receiving your application!

University internships at various armasuisse units for students in the following disciplines...

... Architecture

... Information technology

... Engineering

... Mathematics

... Physics

... Procurement law

... HR law

... Spatial planning and construction law

... International relations

... Communication/media sciences

... Political science

... Business administration

Development opportunities

We want your entry into the world of work to be a success. At armasuisse you can gather practical experience in your field of studies and get a taste of the world of work. We offer a springboard from which you can successfully launch your career. After your university internship at armasuisse, you can continue in a successful career at armasuisse, in the federal administration or in the private sector.

Personal reports

Interviews with current and former armasuisse university interns:

  1. Where did you get the idea to do an internship with armasuisse?
    Being a native Italian speaker, I was interested in gathering professional and technical experience in German-speaking Switzerland to further my future law practice. The federal administration offered an attractive opportunity. I finally found this internship opening on the Swiss Confederation Jobs Portal and applied for it. During my first interview I gained a clearer picture of the legal work being done at armasuisse (procurement law, with contract law and real estate law as "highlights") and found it interesting.
  2. What were your responsibilities?
    I supported the lawyers and clerical services of the armasuisse legal department in handling legal queries from armasuisse's specialist areas and provided legal advice on minor questions and cases.
  3. What tasks did you perform during your internship?
    Among other things I assisted in contract review (reviewing contracts and identifying potential legal issues), drafted legal positions (mainly in real estate, property, penal and HR law), in drafting contracts and contract templates and in litigation. I was also allowed to provide legal advice on minor cases on my own.
  4. What will you take away from the experience personally?
    This internship has been very enriching for me in career, professional and personal terms. The transition from student life to the career world is not so easy, even for the people who have occasionally worked during their studies. The internship was a good way to prepare for my future career path. I was able to apply my legal knowledge in the real world and to learn more about legal areas that were new to me or that I was no longer as familiar with as I had once been. I appreciated the opportunity to attend an advanced training course in procurement run by the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOBL). Ultimately, I gained a better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses (thanks in part to constructive criticism from my peers and superiors). The experience was very useful for my personal development.
  5. Do you know what you'll do next after your internship at armasuisse?
    As soon as I’ve finished my internship here, I will continue my legal internship at a law firm in Lugano and then sit the bar examination. What happens after that remains to be seen.

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