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When you join us


... as a trainee

armasuisse offers trainees a way into the career world. Information is provided on the everyday experience of armasuisse trainees. Along with the many advantages of an armasuisse apprenticeship, current activities of armasuisse trainees are described. Direct link to apprenticeship openings.


... as a university student/graduate

armasuisse offers university students and graduates a way to enter a profession. Launch yourself successfully into a career with armasuisse!


... as a specialist

armasuisse offers career opportunities for specialists in various business areas. Into the future with armasuisse!

HR armasuisse Kasernenstrasse 19
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 463 56 56


HR armasuisse

Kasernenstrasse 19
CH-3003 Bern