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«I had the opportunity to immerse myself in different areas of Communications and thus get to know my preferences and strengths as well as my weaknesses. »

After her Bachelor degree in Business Administration, specialising in Corporate Communications, Romy Joller embarked on a university internship in the specialist area of Communications at armasuisse.

Foto von Romy Joller


What made you apply for a job at armasuisse? What was your motivation?

After I graduated, I wanted to gain some initial professional experience in the area of Communications, and I was convinced that an internship was a good place to start. It was important for me to be able to gather a lot of practical knowledge and expertise in different areas.

How did you find out about armasuisse?

At the time, I came across the advertisement for the position as a university intern in Communications at armasuisse Real Estate on LinkedIn, and it appealed to me very much. I saw on the armasuisse corporate website that one of my former classmates worked at armasuisse. As I previously knew nothing about armasuisse, I decided to contact her to find out more about the company. It turned out that she was doing a university internship in Communications in the competence sector Resources and Support at the time. She told me a lot of positive things about her internship experience as well as the team. So I decided to apply for this position, which was also advertised, and I was then actually chosen as her successor.

What is your favourite activity and why?

I love coordination work. Making changes to websites which need to be planned and organised with the responsible specialist areas, preparing publications as well as the further development and management of the web.

I also really enjoyed photo and video production and writing text products by myself – also supporting and editing articles from the web editors for the Intranet or the Internet as well as for the magazine “armafolio”.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at armasuisse?

I was very well accepted in the team and received a lot of support. There is a positive culture of constructive criticism which I really appreciate. What I like in particular is that mutual appreciation is communicated openly.

At armasuisse as a whole, I initially perceived the atmosphere as rather restrained. I had the feeling that the individual competence sectors are mainly inwardly orientated. Over the course of time, I had to deal with different areas and noticed that the cooperation worked very well. The corporate culture is also a major issue in the management of the company, and a lot is being done to make further progress in cultural change.

What have you learned from your internship at armasuisse?

I had the opportunity to immerse myself in different areas of Communications and thus get to know my preferences and strengths as well as my weaknesses. This enabled me to make better choices on how I should continue professionally.

Did the internship reaffirm your professional intentions?

I feel encouraged in my career choice. I enjoyed the internship very much and I’m convinced that this was precisely why I did my job so well. That’s why I would like to remain active in the area of Communications in the future and continue to expand my skills. However in addition, I will still take another different path. I will be starting agricultural training soon and I hope that I will be able to combine both activities well in the future. I’m looking forward to it and I’m interested to see where I will end up.