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armasuisse offers professionals with special technical knowledge numerous unusual opportunities to put their abilities and expertise into practice. The professional challenges and opportunities are unique, especially in the Science and Technology unit, which is responsible for the deployability, functionality and effectiveness of current and future Armed Forces systems, and in the Land Systems and Aeronautical Systems procurement units, which are responsible for the evaluation, initial and follow-on procurement as well as decommissioning of complex systems and goods. Your specialist knowledge will be stretched in challenging projects in a wide range of rapidly growing application areas for the latest technical systems.

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Job profiles

armasuisse employs engineers in a wide range of fields. With your technical skills, flexibility, interest in a range of technical specialisms and your creativity, you will be responsible for developing and evaluating technical testing programs to steer the course of the project. You will also compile specifications and be responsible for designing and performing evaluations. As project manager, your expertise will be needed to oversee all disciplines in carrying out the project, taking account of internal as well as international standards and processes according to the client's instructions. As project lead during subsequent procurement and implementation, you will be responsible for technical details until the systems can be handed over to the client in a fully operational state. Potential assignment areas include future-oriented reconnaissance and location systems, simulation systems, aeronautical systems such as aeroplanes, helicopters, UAVs and subsystems, and bridge and vehicle systems.  Requirements include good team and communication skills, planning ability, leadership qualities and language skills for working with external companies to evaluate, test and improve high-quality products and meet cost, time and quality requirements in procurement. You will encounter a diverse range of projects, so you will need the flexibility to acquire expertise in unfamiliar fields.

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As a mathematician with armasuisse, a wide range of technical challenges awaits you. You will be responsible for preparing scientific expert reports and concepts based on multidisciplinary customer orders. These orders will be processed in line with technical, operational and commercial criteria. You will be responsible for parameterizing and verifying scientific models. This will also involve conducting analyses and drawing conclusions from these. Based on long-term technology trends, you will be able to identify appropriate development steps and adopt a targeted approach. To assure the security of infrastructure systems and applications with high protection needs, you will review the effectiveness of the technical and operational measures in place. Working together with our partners and customers, you will be expected to provide competent advice as well as demonstrating technical and scientific expertise. You will also need to be a good team player with strong communication and planning skills.

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More information on the Science and Technology competence sector

As an armasuisse chemist, you will be working in our Science and Technology competence sector. You will deploy your specific expertise in thermal and mechanical analysis to characterize explosive materials. This will involve identifying these materials, determining their toxicity to humans, animals and the environment, and assessing their chemical stability. You will also be developing kinetic models as part of your work on determining thermal stability and predicting its life span with respect to storage, transportation and handling. Your assessment of the risks of using energetic materials in military units will also be requested. You will need to be a good team player with strong communication and planning skills and leadership qualities.

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More information on the Science and Technology competence sector 

As a physicist with armasuisse, you will be able to apply your deep and broad scientific expertise to handling scientific projects and assignments from beginning to end. Potential areas of work include future-oriented reconnaissance, tracking and communication systems, simulation environments, mobile platforms and information networks. You are a competent point of contact for complex and networked systems in the field of modern technologies and their application. You have the ability to operate highly specific infrastructures and measuring equipment, using them to carry out evaluations and tests. You bring the results of evaluations, tests, simulations and data analyses plus your systems expertise to the integrated project team. You will need to be a good team player with strong communication skills, planning skills and leadership skills. You will be representing your specialist field autonomously in research projects, at national and international conferences and vis-à-vis industry as well as towards governmental and non-governmental organizations on Switzerland’s behalf. In partnership with external companies you will evaluate, test and develop high-quality products and ensure that the procurement process complies with budget, time and quality requirements.

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More information on the Science and Technology competence sector

Development opportunities

Your personal development is very important to us. We will prepare you for future challenges. Our skills management system will be used to specifically develop your abilities. You will have access to specific development opportunities along with basic and advanced training programs.

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