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armasuisse Real Estate, the competence sector for real estate within the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), is responsible for the overall management of 24 000 hectares of land plus over 7000 buildings and facilities belonging to the DDPS. The real estate portfolio is one of Switzerland's largest and most varied, comprising infrastructure for administration and operations, training, missions, logistics and support. Properties include not only training areas, firing ranges, barracks and military airfields but also bunkers, arsenals, subterranean facilities and installations in mountain terrain as well as complex simulator buildings.

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This varied portfolio offers unique professional challenges for construction and real estate specialists in all areas. Your expertise is needed in three different business units at eight locations in Switzerland, each of which makes its own contribution to devising professional, sustainable, long-term solutions covering the entire life of each structure:

  • Portfolio and Environmental Management manages the demanding real estate portfolio with a view to the longer term. It also works out all-round solutions for customers' individual infrastructure requirements and seeks sustainable solutions for properties no longer required for operations.
  • Facility Management is responsible for managing properties and facilities. It plans value-preserving measures, commissions the necessary work, and ensures that the properties are operated safely and efficiently.
  • Construction Management works closely with the Swiss building industry to complete several hundred new-build, conversion, renovation and maintenance projects a year.


Would you too like to take on demanding, interesting tasks for armasuisse Real Estate and face up to many exciting challenges? If so, apply now — we look forward to hearing from you!

Job profiles

The core focus of portfolio management is strategic management of the real estate portfolio, particularly planning and coordination for the present and future needs of the Swiss Armed Forces. The annual budget needs for renovation and development of real estate holdings is set out in multi-year investment plans. The annual real estate program produced by the DDPS presents construction plans to the Federal Parliament for funding approval. It also addresses the defence of DDPS interests vis-a-vis third parties. The Portfolio and Environmental Management business unit is also responsible for the purchase and sale of real estate and for handling the DDPS's numerous property holdings.

Facility management is responsible for the complete economic and technical management of real estate over its entire lifetime within the framework of the strategic objectives. For example, facility management contracts vendor services such as caretaker services, cleaning, maintenance, inspections, etc.

Construction management is responsible for new-build, conversion, renovation and maintenance projects in the SIA phases of preliminary study, project design, tendering and execution. New-build, conversion and refurbishment projects are carried out in close collaboration with planning teams and building contractors.

Der Fachbereich Umweltmanagement, Normen und Standards (UNS) beschäftigt sich mit den technischen und ökologischen Fragen bei der Erstellung, Nutzung, Umnutzung und beim Rückbau der Immobilien. Bautechnische Normen sowie die Sicherheits- und Umweltgesetzgebung bilden die Basis für das Wirken von UNS. In den sich überlagernden Themenkreisen Umwelt, Technik und Sicherheit sind die Spezialisten von UNS verantwortlich für die Definition der angestrebten Entwicklung, für Vorgaben und für die Beratung aller Partner im Immobilienmanagement VBS.

Development opportunities

Your personal development is very important to us. armasuisse will systematically prepare you for future challenges. We will use our skills management system to specifically develop your abilities. You will have access to specific development opportunities along with basic and advanced training programs.

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HR armasuisse

Guisanplatz 1
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