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Careers with armasuisse

armasuisse offers exciting work every day. Jobs and Careers at armasuisse presents interesting and important career profiles at armasuisse. armasuisse careers are described. armasuisse as attractive employer within the Swiss federal administration. This page also displays job vacancies and offers.

Exciting work every day

Welcome to armasuisse!

With us you will have the opportunity to work on unique major projects. Your dedication will help make Switzerland a more secure and attractive place. If you like to take on responsibility, work with the technologies of the future and invest in the future through real estate, you've found the right place with us.

We look forward to meeting you!

armasuisse as employer

armasuisse is the Swiss federal government's centre of excellence for the procurement of technologically complex systems and materials, for security technologies and quality management and for DDPS real estate. A capable and customer-focused staff of 700 people throughout Switzerland develop tailor-made solutions for military and civilian customers.

Are you interested in our job profiles? You'll find a brief overview below.

armasuisse offers you...

... exciting work every day

  • A variety of activities
  • An international work environment
  • Unique major projects with long-term impacts
  • The chance to work with promising new technologies
  • Diverse challenges
  • Valuable contribution to the security of the country and people
  • Frequent interaction with the Swiss business sector

... personal development

  • A wide range of education and training opportunities
  • Support for job-related certifications and diplomas
  • Career models in management, technical and project tracks
  • Regular feedback on performance and professional development
  • Individual skill-building
  • Annual appraisals and performance reviews

... progressive working conditions

  • Flexible working
  • Support for work-life balance
  • At least five weeks of holiday leave for all employees
  • Part-time work (where the job allows)
  • Working from home (where the job allows)
  • Ten-day paternity leave
  • Health promotion services (armasuisse’s own and federal administration offerings)

... attractive hiring conditions

  • A fair starting salary and ongoing compensation review
  • Extensive social benefits
  • Many benefits such as payment of 1/3 of non-occupational accident insurance premiums, loyalty bonuses, higher than statutory family allowances, etc.
  • Discounts, including some in health and mobility
  • Insurance cover with the federal administration's pension fund (PUBLICA)

When you join us

... as a trainee

... as a trainee

armasuisse offers trainees a way into the career world. Information is provided on the everyday experience of armasuisse trainees. Along with the many advantages of an armasuisse apprenticeship, current activities of armasuisse trainees are described. Direct link to apprenticeship openings.

... as a university student/graduate

... as a university student/graduate

armasuisse offers university students and graduates a way to enter a profession. Launch yourself successfully into a career with armasuisse!

... as a specialist

... as a specialist

armasuisse offers career opportunities for specialists in various business areas. Into the future with armasuisse!

We look forward to receiving your application!

Key armasuisse job profiles

Below you can see some of the key job profiles offered by armasuisse.  


Are you looking for other job profiles? Check our job vacancies to see if any positions suit you. We look forward to receiving your application!

HR armasuisse Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 463 56 56


HR armasuisse

Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern


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