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Trainings, Seminars & WorkshopsPublished on 23 August 2023

Swiss Ecosystem for Defence Innovation: are we future ready?

Event Date

  • Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Seestrasse 68 3604 Thun 2614586.5890102167 1176882.0180498361 942

Presentation, reflection and anticipation of the questions: How can Innovation make Switzerland safer? How does the Swiss Ecosystem for Defence Innovation look like? Are we optimally organized to facilitate and support innovation in areas, technological and other, that are critical for security? There are opportunities to consider and maybe things to change to better protect the know-how build in our universities and start-ups, as they are creating the building blocks of tomorrow technological disruptions.

Event Details



09:00 Registration & Coffee

9:30 Introduction

09:45 Panel 1 - Defence Innovation

11:00 Coffee & Networking

11:30 Panel 2 - Defence Innovation in Switzerland

12:45 Lunch & Networking

14:00 Panel 3 - Future Swiss Defence Innovation Ecosystem

15:30 Conclusion and Way Forward

15:45 Aperitif & Networking

17:00 End of the day

More Information about the program on (external website)


Place of Venue: KKThun

The event is free of charge

Registration is MANDATORY (number of participants limited)

Registration deadline: November 2nd 2019

REGISTER (external website - german)



The D(EFTECH)-Day stand for action like its famous homonyme D-Day. Being a workshop, a conference, a presentation or an exhibition, the goal of these days is to provide an opportunity for the armed forces to meet experts from the academy and industry in order to determine the real possibilities (differentiate the hype from the real) and readiness level of a technological domain. We are always looking for new exciting topics and new formats to run the day, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any innovative suggestion or idea!