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armasuisse can conclude trademark agreements with third parties. When military brand licence agreements are concluded, the economic criteria in particular must be assessed. Basic principles relevant to business management (market environment, licence fees, brand protection and business plans, etc.) must be clarified and agreed with all partners concerned before a licence agreement can be concluded. Information on any licensees is subject to trade secrecy provisions, based on the respective licence agreement. The provisions of the Federal Act on Freedom of Information in the Administration (FoIA, SR 152.3) remain reserved.

Licences for the military brands of the Swiss Confederation will be issued to companies who guarantee that they produce qualitatively flawless products, satisfy the requirements of the Swissness legislation and contribute to further promoting the reputation and goodwill that the Swiss Confederation’s military brands enjoy. This principle must also be fully taken into account in the packaging and marketing of the licensed products.

Licensing to interested companies is possible if they comply with the following criteria:

  • guarantee to comply with Swissness regulations;
  • guarantee to produce high-quality products;
  • adoption of the military brands’ corporate identity based on the «Brand Strategy and Standards» (BSS);
  • the interested company has the potential of strengthening the respective military brand of the Swiss Confederation on the world markets, for example, by developing new sales regions;
  • receptivity of a market for further licensees;
  • contribution to market and brand building by the preexisting licensees.