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DEFTECH Publication: Highlights – Urbanity

How are growing megacities, increased mobility, faster information exchange and ever newer communication channels changing the development of future armed forces? The research program “Technology Forecasting” is dedicated to this and other topics in the latest DEFTECH publication on the subject of «Urbanity».

24.02.2020 | armasuisse Science and Technology, Technology Foresight

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Our world today is constantly changing. Never before in the history of humanity has technology brought about so much significant social and economic change in such a short time. The boundaries between civil and military areas are becoming increasingly blurred – with consequences for national security.

In order to be able to anticipate risks for the civilian population as well as the military, armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T) is actively observing technological and disruptive trends. In addition, it coordinates research for developing scientific and technical expertise with which Switzerland can face up to risks in the future. These tasks will be considered as part of the research programme «Technology Foresight» and will enable risks in the army’s further development and planning processes to be addressed in time.

This DEFTECH issue on the topic of urbanity aims to make a further contribution to research in the area of technology forecasting and security. Among other issues, it discusses the potential changes which the current digital revolution and the increasing technological progress in the civilian sector could have on the areas of megacity, energy, mobility and communication.  These future research studies are all the more important, as a future event in Switzerland would take place in peri-urban and urban areas, due to the structural shift. The potential consequences for military capabilities, the armed forces or for the innovation landscape of Switzerland with regard to technological developments are discussed in the current DEFTECH publication.  You can find this edition in German and English at the following link:

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