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Multi-static radar system for drone detection successfully tested in Thun

armasuisse S+T was able to successfully test the experimental system SAMURAI (Swiss African Multistatic Radar Initiative) together with the research partners CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) from Pretoria, South Africa and Palindrome Remote Sensing GmbH from Landquart.

03.12.2019 | Dr. Peter Wellig

Radar target simulator for simulating targets for two receiver units.

The system is designed for perimeter monitoring and drone detection. The innovative radar concept includes a transmitter unit with electronically controlled beam steering and two remote receiver units with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. The option of local separation of transmitter and receiver units ensures improvement in the detection rate and robustness against interference in comparison to monostatic radar concepts. Low-flying drones could be detected from a long range. Using the extended radar target simulator from Palindrome Remote Sensing GmbH, artificial targets could be generated simultaneously for two receiver units for the first time, thus increasing the quality of the tests. In the next stage, the novel experimental system will be used in an urban scenario. armasuisse S+T’s activities are performed within the framework of the S+T research programme «Reconnaissance and Surveillance» and are used for assessing radar technology developments as well as future drone detection.

Sendeantenne mit elektronisch gesteuerter Strahlschwenkung
Transmitting antenna with electronically controlled beam steering.

Empfangseinheiten mit mehrkanaligen COTS-Antennen
Receiver units with multi-channel COTS antennae.