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«Over the year as a whole, it’s a considerable saving of time»

Stéphane Joye quickly realised that by riding his bicycle he could reduce the time he spends commuting. That’s why he uses a combination of bicycle and public transport whether he’s travelling for work or pleasure. Find out more about his habits in the interview.

Joller Romy, specialist area communication, resources and support

Stéphane Joye is sitting on the bike, but only his upper body is visible. He is wearing a white bicycle helmet and a black jacket. Bushes and snow can be seen in the background.
Stéphane Joye, Project Head Artillery Systems, riding in the streets.

What is the reason you are increasingly using your bicycle when travelling for work? Do you prefer bicycle to public transport?

As I live in town, I quickly realised how much time you can save by using a bicycle for short and medium distances. Now I use a combination of bicycle and public transport for most of my trips for work or pleasure. I have an SFR annual season ticket which covers my bicycle too. That makes it much quicker for me to travel from home to the station, then from the station at the other end to where I work. For example, when I have to go to armasuisse Science and Technologies (S+T) in Thun it’s a five-minute ride from Thun station to the S+T building. On a bus the same trip would take me 20 minutes, according to the timetable. I save the same amount of time between my home and Fribourg station. Over the year as a whole, it’s a considerable saving of time.

How often do you use your bicycle to travel from A to B, and why?

Every day I cycle from home to the station. If I’m working in the office at Guisanplatz in Bern I generally leave my bicycle at Fribourg station. But if I’m working somewhere else and the place where I’m going is not too far from the station at the other end, I take the bike on the train. If it’s summer and the weather is nice I like doing the trip from Fribourg to Bern on my electric bicycle. That takes 50 minutes, instead of the 60 or so I normally need on public transport. I save time and I have the fun of being active outdoors before and after work. I also use the bike for my personal life to get into the centre of town. If I’m going to eat in a restaurant with friends, for instance.

How did you learn about the «Rent-a-Bike» offering?

Firstly from the internal announcement and then from talking with colleagues.

How often do you use it and why?

I tested the electric bicycles available by going to a meeting that was being held in Viktoriastrasse 85 in Bern. It took less than five minutes from the armasuisse building and was very easy to organise. The number of physical meetings is very limited right now so I haven’t had any more opportunities to use the offering at the moment.

Do you change your means of transport in the winter? Do you have any tips for winter cycling?

No, I use my bicycle in winter too, at least for short distances and provided there is no snow or ice on the roads. Obviously, in winter you have to be sure you can be clearly seen by other road users, and to wear enough clothes. Apart from those specific points, winter is the same for me as any other season.

Has anything unexpected or funny happened to you while you have been cycling?

Well it’s not really funny, but I got a nail in the back tyre of my e-bike between Bern and Fribourg. Luckily I was still close to Bern and was able to leave the bike with a specialist store to have it fixed. These things happen.

Brief profile

Stéphane Joye has a degree in automotive engineering and is Project Head for land systems (KB Land), with responsibility for various systems and projects related to artillery. Before joining armasuisse he worked for 10 years at an international company that develops and manufactures electric motors for cars and industry. Hence his enthusiasm for electric-powered vehicles!