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«I prefer a bike for short trips, particularly in the city, you’re simply faster»

To avoid waiting times and bypass congestion, Andrea Sempach also regularly uses a bike for short trips. The health aspect of this is a further advantage which has convinced her to use this means of transport. However, she had to experience first-hand that particular caution is required in road traffic. You can read more about her experiences in the interview.

Joller Romy, specialist area communication, resources and support

Andrea Sempach pushes her bike into the cycling sand
Andrea Sempach, operational buyer in the Land Systems competence sector, at a bike shelter at the administrative headquarters at 1, Guisanplatz.

What’s your motivation for using a bike so often for job mobility? Do you prefer a bike to public transport?

Primarily, there are practical reasons for my motivation. On a bike, I’m very flexible and don’t have to wait for public transport. I can also avoid congestion. In addition, it gets my pulse going a little early in the morning and I’m doing something for own fitness at the same time. If weather conditions permit, I do prefer a bike. Particularly in the city for short trips, you’re simply faster.

How often do you ride a bike to work? Or for what purpose and how often do you use a bike to get from A to B?

If possible, every day. Unless it’s raining heavily or there’s fresh snow on the roads, then I go to work on public transport. I also use a bike if I have meetings in the Berne area, for example. The advantage here is that I don’t have to look for a car parking space or check the public transport connections in advance. The bikes can usually be parked directly in front of the building. In private, I ride my mountain bike a lot. My focus is more on the sporting aspect in this case.

How did you become aware of PubliBike’s offers?

In summer 2018, when PubliBike was newly launched. Back then, a work colleague made me aware of PubliBike’s offer. Right from the beginning, I thought it was a good idea and that’s why I took out a subscription.

Why did you decide on PubliBike’s offer?

In 2018, I still had a long journey to work and drove to work by car. But I was out and about a lot in Berne. With PubliBike, I was able to move around flexibly in Berne without public transport or a car. The PubliBike stations are well distributed all over the city, you can get everywhere and the principle is simple. Download the app, set up an account and off you go. The best part is that you can leave the PubliBike at the stations and then decide to take public transport spontaneously, for example, if the weather suddenly changes.

Have you switched to a different means of transport for winter?

No, unless the weather conditions are bad, for example, heavy snowfall. Riding a bike works very well even in winter, despite the cold. You have to dress accordingly and, as we all know, exercise warms you up.

Has anything unexpected or amusing ever happened to you on one of your bike rides?

Nothing really funny as such, more something unexpected. I rode into a tram track and broke my wrist in the fall. In retrospect, the funny part was that I didn’t notice the break at first and simply continued on my bike after the fall. I also had quite a few spectators who were more concerned about me than I was about myself. The fall was quite a little spectacle for the spectators.

Brief profile

Andrea Sempach works in operational and strategic purchasing in the Land Systems competence sector. As an employee in the Commercial Services area, she is responsible for purchasing additional material and replacement material for the various vehicle fleets, boats and weapons systems. Her main projects are the procurement of 12.7mm machine guns, railway vehicles (such as locomotives) and special protection civilian vehicles, which are used all over the world on behalf of the Swiss embassies.