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Pilot project Bike promotion

During the Corona crisis, we have come to realise the advantages of the bicycle. The goal of the Bike promotion project is to give more employees a taste for using a bike frequently for their personal as well as for their job mobility. In this series, we review the pilot phase of the project, the advantages of the «push-bike» and the experiences of «habitual pedallers».

Joller Romy, specialist area communication, resources and support; Mazenauer Benjamin, specialist area vehicles and power supply, land systems

From left to right: Heinz Flückiger (quality management); Benjamin Mazenauer (project manager), Patrick Hofer (quality management); Joel Gerber (commerce); Martin Stocker (L FB IMMO)
From left to right: Heinz Flückiger (quality management); Benjamin Mazenauer (project manager), Patrick Hofer (quality management); Joel Gerber (commerce); Martin Stocker (L FB IMMO)

If you ride a bike, you are being climate-friendly, saving money and space while also doing something positive for your health. You are out in the fresh air, not standing in traffic congestion and do not need to look for a parking space or run to the next station. In no time at all, you’re in the city or at the Bundesplatz – and if you wear a helmet and ride a well-maintained bike, you’re safe on the road. Even Thun can be reached well from Berne by electric bike and within a reasonable time.

Both the health and ecological aspects are particularly close to the hearts of the two Federal Councillors Viola Amherd (VBS) and Simonetta Sommaruga (UVEK), which is why they decided to launch the Bike promotion project in June 2020.

In the first phase, five administrative units took part in the project: GS-UVEK, GS-VBS, armasuisse, BFE and ASTRA. During this pilot phase, the employees of the administrative units mentioned above received access to rental electric bikes from Rent a Bike and to the entire bicycle fleet of PubliBike.

Statistics as of 30.12.2020

Diagram of PubliBike subscriptions as of 30.12.2020, armasuisse 133 pcs. (44%), Swiss federal office of energy 93 pcs. (31%), general secretariat DDPS 48 pcs. (16%), general secretariat federal department of de environment, transport, energy and communications13 pcs. (4%), astra 15 pcs. (5%)

With 133 subscriptions armasuisse achieved by far the highest subscription figures at PubliBike, of which we are very proud. The following articles give insights into the experiences of the project managers, the benefits of riding a bike as well as the motivation of people who use a bike almost daily.

«When a passion becomes a job»

Ritratto di Benjamin Mazenauer

As the overall manager for bicycle procurement and a passionate mountain biker, the Bike promotion project is particularly close to Benjamin Mazenauer’s heart. Find out more about his role in the interview.

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«Bike sharing is the ideal supplement to public and private transport for short distances»

Portrait of Markus Bacher

Markus Bacher is the managing director of Switzerland’s largest bike sharing company PubliBike Ltd. In the interview he talks about the project and the reason armasuisse has been chosen as pilot project partner.

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«Over the year as a whole, it’s a considerable saving of time»

Portrait of Stéphane Joye

To save time, Stéphane Joye regularly uses his bicycle to make trips for work or pleasure. In the interview he tells us more about his habits and about the advantages of a bicycle.

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«I prefer a bike for short trips, particularly in the city, you’re simply faster»

Portrait of Andrea Sempach

To avoid waiting times and bypass congestion, Andrea Sempach, operational buyer, also regularly uses a bike for short trips. You can find out more about her motivation in the interview.

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