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Sustainability at armasuisse

In its activities, armasuisse has to consider both the ecological and economic, as well as the social sustainability dimensions. This month, the «Insights» highlights the multifaceted, sustainable commitment in Procurement, in the real estate area of the DDPS and in the research area of armasuisse.

Military Airfield Meiringen from the air. Lake Brienz and the Bernese Alps can be seen in the background.

armasuisse 2020 Sustainability Report

-50% Altpapier, -4% Treibstoffverbrauch bei der PW-Dienstflotte armasuisse und +13% Lieferant im Textilbereich, welche nachhaltige Zertifikate besitzen.

The 2020 Sustainability Report shows the environmentally related developments in its own company as well as in the areas of procurement and decommissioning.

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Sustainability real estate DDPS: Focus energy efficiency

Portrait of Marco Mäder

You can find out about the energy efficiency of the DDPS real estate in the interview with Marco Mäder.

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Fascinating and precise: armasuisse Real Estate 2020 Sustainability Report

Portrait of Martin Stocker

With 7,000 managed buildings, armasuisse Real Estate has a social responsibility to operate DDPS real estate management sustainably. Find out more in the 2020 Sustainability Report.

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Sustainability real estate DDPS: Focus sustainable procurement practice

Portrait of David Gastaldi

Sustainable procurement practice at the DDPS in a nutshell. Find out more in David Gastaldi’s video.

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Hydrogen demonstrator in Thun: A step in the direction of sustainable mobility

A fuel cell vehicle in front of a hydrogen filling station on the EMPA premises

Find out in the article about the Defence Future Mobility Demonstrator, the planned hydrogen demonstrator in Thun.

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