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National Armaments Director Martin Sonderegger in a short interview

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, specialist area Communications, Resources and Support

What do you advise career starters at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Thank you for choosing armasuisse as your new employer. You will be working for the security of our country in the future. Approach your tasks with expertise, courageously and respectfully. Welcome! Sent as SMS

Why are more women welcome at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Mixed teams provide better services. Gender and linguistic diversity broaden perspectives and promote creativity. Sent as SMS

How did you join up with armasuisse? Sent as SMS

By chance! When my former employer denied my further military training as a captain, I looked for a new position. As a mechanical engineer and officer, I was always interested in defence technology. At GRD/GR/ar, I was able to progress from project manager across all management levels up to Armaments Director over the years. Sent as SMS

Can leadership be learned? Sent as SMS

Only to a limited extent. Assumption of management responsibility is founded on basic knowledge, requires further training, the will to expose oneself, the strength to take on unpleasant tasks and to accept setbacks, and also requires a little talent. In particular, however, the leadership role gives me a lot of very positive feedback. Sent as SMS

How do you keep track as a manager? Sent as SMS

I am committed to keeping track. Even I make mistakes. At armasuisse, I am privileged to be able to count on extremely competent, motivated and loyal people. Without trust in them, without the option of being able to delegate tasks, responsibilities and competences at appropriate levels, my task would be unsolvable. Sent as SMS

How do you switch off from work? Sent as SMS

Whenever possible, in my family circle with my loved ones.  With friends outdoors, over a good meal with good conversations. In sports. Sent as SMS

What gets on your nerves? Sent as SMS

Briefly summarised, I’m annoyed by: abuse of trust, disloyalty, arrogance, phoneys, know-it-alls, ignorant people and sometimes my own tendency to perfectionism. Sent as SMS

Brief profile

Martin Sonderegger has been National Armaments Director of armasuisse since 2015. He is responsible for the development, evaluation, procurement and disposal of systems and materials for the Armed Forces and other customers, as well as for the planning and procurement of real estate of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS.