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Martin Stocker, Head of armasuisse Real Estate, in a short interview

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, specialist area Communications, Resources and Support

What do you advise career starters at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Ask questions! Your questions will help you to get up to speed quickly. However, your questions also help us: If we cannot answer them, it means that we have to rethink our existing processes, which helps us to develop. Sent as SMS

What makes your work at armasuisse so fascinating? Sent as SMS

Our tasks bring us new, interesting challenges every day, as they straddle the interfaces between politics, society, economics and the environment. Sent as SMS

Which project in your competence area challenges you the most at the moment? Sent as SMS

The digitalisation of DDPS Real Estate management, as this will also entail changes in our procedures and our cooperation.  Sent as SMS

How did you join up with armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Following my studies in Geography, I started working at the Federal Office for Spatial Development as a trainee. I then worked as a spatial planner at the General Secretariat of the DDPS in the Territory and Environment Division before finally switching to armasuisse Real Estate. Sent as SMS

Which topics will you as a manager take with you from this time of the pandemic? Sent as SMS

The digital working and communication tools have been and continue to be a great help, but they will never be able to replace personal contacts. Sent as SMS

How do you switch off from work? Sent as SMS

On the way home on my bike, going for walks, enjoying time with my family and friends and playing the guitar.  Sent as SMS

Brief profile

Martin Stocker has been Head of armasuisse Real Estate since 2011. His area of responsibility includes planning and implementing existing and future customer requirements, managing objects used by the military, the realization of new buildings and reconstructions, as well as the sale and the dismantling of infrastructures which are no longer used. Martin Stocker studied Geography and Biology at the University of Bern and joined the Federal Administration in 1992. Since joining the Federal Administration, Martin Stocker has held various different positions and executive roles in the Federal Office for Spatial Development, the General Secretariat of the DDPS and armasuisse Real Estate.