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Dr Bernhard Knechtenhofer, Head of the Command and Control and Reconnaissance Systems competence sector in a short interview

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, specialist area Communications, Resources and Support

What makes the work at armasuisse special? Sent as SMS

The work at armasuisse is meaningful, as we make a significant contribution to the security of our country. This sense of purpose is very satisfying for me. On top of that, I find the work contents – our projects – very exciting. I enjoy working for armasuisse. Sent as SMS

Why are more women welcome at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

I am convinced that mixed teams often produce even better supported solutions. On top of this, we will have to replace numerous colleagues who are retiring over the next few years as a result of our age pyramid in the CCR sector. Without women, we would barely be able to fill these positions. Sent as SMS

Can leadership be learned? Sent as SMS

Much, but not everything can be learned. It certainly helps a lot if the manager has a certain flair for dealing with people and situations. With training and concrete personal experiences, this tendency can be specifically influenced, complemented and/or encouraged. Sent as SMS

Which topics will you as a manager take with you from this time of the pandemic? Sent as SMS

The last year has shown that we can also deliver good results in other forms of cooperation. I see the work on site as an advantage, in particular in creative work or in staff appraisals and negotiations. Pure information transfer can also be performed very efficiently via SKYPE. Sent as SMS

How do you switch off from work? Sent as SMS

When I come home in the evening and my children tell me all about what they have been doing throughout the day, I forget my work very quickly. The family and my various activities alongside my work at armasuisse always help me to switch off quickly from work. Sent as SMS

What do you laugh about? Sent as SMS

I can laugh a lot - in particular about myself. Not everything in life is so deadly serious. I am an optimist and I see many good things each day which make me laugh. Sent as SMS

Brief profile

Dr. Bernhard Knechtenhofer has been Head of the Command and Control and Reconnaissance Systems competence sector at armasuisse since December 1, 2019. His area of responsibility includes procurement projects such as the Telecommunications of the Armed Forces (TK A). Dr. Knechtenhofer studied Economics at the University of St Gallen and graduated with a doctorate. He was then active in the private sector and switched to the Federal Administration in 2006. Dr. Knechtenhofer finally joined armasuisse following various different roles and administrative units. Dr. Knechtenhofer also holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Security Policy and Crisis Management from ETH Zurich.