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Dr. Thomas Rothacher, Head of competence sector Science and Technology in a short interview

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, specialist area Communications, Resources and Support

What do you advise career starters at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Be constructively critical, bold and approach your work with joy and commitment. Apologising is faster than asking. J Sent as SMS

Why are more women welcome at armasuisse? Sent as SMS

Because different perspectives are essential - differentiated approaches and the controversial discussion of these strengthen the company. Sent as SMS

What makes your work at armasuisse so fascinating? Sent as SMS

Gaining new (technological) insights every day as well as the combination of various different perspectives. For example, the question: What would be technologically possible and what is feasible in the environment?  Sent as SMS

Why is your work important? Sent as SMS

Because the impact of technology on our daily lives is developing exponentially. An understanding of the interaction between humans and technology reduces fears and anxiety. Sent as SMS

When do you rely on your instincts regarding a decision? Sent as SMS

Probably straight away (my instincts react more quickly than my brain...), then I check the facts and in the end it’s probably my instincts that tip the scales again. I am convinced that intuition plays an extremely important role. Sent as SMS

Which topics will you as a manager take with you from this time of the pandemic? Sent as SMS

Personal contacts and networks are essential. To adapt my type of communication to the situation. Trusting others is imperative. Sent as SMS

What gets on your nerves? Sent as SMS

Creating countless concept versions and papers before steps are taken to implement them. The constant fear of making mistakes paralyses an organisation. Sent as SMS

Brief profile

Dr. Thomas Rothacher has been Deputy National Armaments Director since 2020. From 1987 to 1990, he completed an apprenticeship as a metallurgy lab technician in what was the group for armaments services at the time. He then studied physics, mathematics and philosophy and graduated in 1998 as a physicist with a doctorate in natural sciences. Thomas Rothacher has been working in various organisations and roles at armasuisse and took over the Science and Technology competence sector on May 1, 2015 in Thun. In addition to his successfully acquired doctorate natural sciences in 2004, he completed additional in-service training and courses in further education.