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Thomas Knecht, Head of competence sector Purchasing and Cooperations in a short interview

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert, specialist area Communications, Resources and Support

What makes your work at armasuisse so fascinating? Sent as SMS

No day is the same as any other. The diversity of topics and challenges at armasuisse is absolutely unique. I value the cooperation with colleagues as well as with our customers at the Armed Forces. The work on the various committees of the DDPS, but also at federal level, is very rewarding. Sent as SMS

From which professional experiences does the main customer, the Armed Forces, benefit from you the most? Sent as SMS

My various career stations in the private sector provided me with a “basic set” of experiences, in particular in the area of procurement. Business knowledge, as well my skills in public procurement and those of my colleagues help the main customer to receive correctly procured, economic solutions. Sent as SMS

armasuisse as a career starter and/or lateral entrant? Sent as SMS

Both. armasuisse is an extremely attractive employer for both groups. armasuisse offers outstanding support for career starters, regardless of which profession. Lateral entrants are also always welcome to join us. They contribute valuable external perspectives to our working environment.   Sent as SMS

What has changed in your management style with the pandemic/home workplace? Sent as SMS

My participatory management style has proved to be very successful, even in the current period.  Naturally there have been one or two situations in which direct management and corresponding decisions were called for. Other than that, I try to maintain contact with my management team via the various communication channels and especially via personal (telephone) contact). Sent as SMS

Which topics will you as a manager take with you from this time of the pandemic? Sent as SMS

That the management principles of armasuisse also had their significance during the pandemic and will continue to do so. The successful performance of tasks is not possible without trust in your colleagues, especially in times of crisis. I am extremely impressed at the high level of flexibility and the commitment of my colleagues during this pandemic. Sent as SMS

How do you switch off from work? Sent as SMS

I am privileged to live in a family with my wife and our 3 children. As they all have very different needs at 10, 16 and 19 years old, it’s a challenge.  I thus spend an enjoyable part of my free time helping with homework, performing chauffeur services, acting as a sports coach, etc. These are extremely enriching activities which represent a good contrast with my work. Sent as SMS

Brief profile

Thomas Knecht (55) holds a Masters in Public Management from the University of Bern and is a qualified businessman from the HKG (College of Higher Education). After various professional roles in the private sector, he joined today’s armasuisse in 2001. Following several different appointments, he was promoted to vice-director in 2008 and today heads the competence sector Purchasing and Operations.