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International Cooperation and Business Trips in Times of Corona

The current pandemic situation has turned normal business activity completely upside down. In the meantime, armasuisse’s employees are working almost exclusively from home. This of course has consequences for the cooperation with our partners. In four exciting articles, you can read about the impact of the measures on international cooperation in particular.

Joller Romy, specialist area communication, resources and support

A businessman pulls a trolley suitcase down a walkway. You do not see his face.

As part of their tasks, armasuisse employees undertake necessary business trips every year in order to represent the interests of armasuisse to suppliers as well as partner authorities and organisations abroad. In order to maintain long-term business relationships, this type of personal meeting is important. Often, classified information is discussed which cannot be talked about virtually, or physical presence on the spot is essential for practical tests and work. The current Corona pandemic has presented the business world with many new challenges. Travel is either no longer possible at all or is very restricted. Despite this, daily business has to continue in as unrestricted a manner as possible. Interfaces with important partners are covered locally with the offices in Brussels and Washington, but business also had to be reorganised in the outposts. What is the situation with other stakeholders? In the following articles, armasuisse draws a preliminary conclusion from the past few months and seeks to highlight the difficulties as well as the opportunities that arise from this change.

«From my point of view, the biggest advantage is that there are no travel times or times on the move.»

Portrait of National Armaments Director, Martin Sonderegger

Travel is only possible with difficulty at the moment, therefore National Armaments Director, Martin Sonderegger, has to maintain business relationships using digital communications tools.

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«I was impressed with the flexibility shown by everyone.»

Portrait of Oskar Hollenstein.

For Oskar Hollenstein, business trips within Europe were a fixed part of his job before 2020. You can read in the interview about business trips in times of Corona and the challenges which need to be overcome in the MBAS project as a result.

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«Digitalisation saves time and makes us more flexible.»

Portrait of Patricia Blanc

Patricia Blanc and Ivo Ribi handle administrative matters and coordinate appointments and business trips. In this interview, they tell us how the Covid19 pandemic has influenced their work.

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«The pandemic is giving us the impetus to broaden the basic issues in information protection.»

Portrait of André Gsell

Meetings form a large part of the work of André Gsell. Find out more about the unusual situation in Brussels in his detailed report.

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