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Selection procedure for a university internship

Specialist Area Communication, Alisha Held

Kaj-Gunnar Sievert in front of the building B at VZ G1
Kaj-Gunnar Sievert Head of Specialist Area Communication

What needs to be taken into account when you write the job description?

Put simply, the text should describe the job very accurately and arouse the interest of potential candidates. In addition to the actual obligatory criteria, I am quite open, as many young people have interesting CVs which are worth considering when it comes to an internship in communications.

Which selection criteria are decisive in order to progress to the next stage or to receive an invitation to the interview?
The specialist area Communications has been advertising internships for university interns for over 12 years. Over the years and with the experience we have gained, we have compiled a catalogue of criteria which we consider important. Whoever best meets these criteria and at the same time has the potential to fulfil our tasks will receive an invitation.

How is the process of a job interview coordinated?
Our job interviews are structured as follows. First of all we briefly present armasuisse and our specialist area. There then follows a conversation in which we get to know the candidate and ask several questions. We then set a task which has to be solved in 30 minutes. The interview is concluded with a short introduction to the team in the office itself as well as a final short sequence of questions for the applicant.

According to which considerations are the questions for the interview prepared?
I proceed according to the tasks of the job and the application documents. My questions are based on these. There’s always two of us in a job interview.

What factors are particularly important as regards the set task?
What interests me most is how the candidate structures the task. I prefer a workable solution in the given time to an “unfinished but perfect” solution that was not solved within the time.

According to which criteria is the selection of the university intern ultimately decided?
Anyone who reaches the job interview level already has the basic requirements. Ultimately, the “chemistry” and belief in the applicant's potential are two decisive factors. For me, authenticity is also very important.