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«Responsibility accompanies the wide range of my tasks»

Silvan Hunhevicz reports on his experiences as an university intern to date and his expectations for the further course.

Specialist Area Communication, Alisha Held

Picture of Silvan Hunhevicz, university intern Foreign Relations
Silvan Hunhevicz holds a Master's degree in history and philosophy from the University of Zurich. He is currently completing a university internship in the Department of Foreign Relations.

How have your experiences been so far at armasuisse?

Very positive. I was allowed to join a great team, a lot of things were explained to me, people took time for me and as a result I learned an awful lot of new things. I’d also like to emphasise the wide range of my tasks: I’ve done everything from helping to organise events to analysing armaments policy. I’ve already been given quite a bit of responsibility and I really appreciate this trust.

Does the theoretical knowledge you gained in your studies help you in your work?
History and philosophy are not the kind of studies where you can later apply the knowledge you’ve acquired on a one-to-one basis. Rather, you learn and acquire in-depth knowledge of working methods, writing styles, approaches, thinking patterns and critical questioning. Coupled with the general knowledge about politics and society you acquire in a humanities degree, I feel perfectly prepared to fulfil the tasks required of me.

What was your biggest challenge so far?
The Corona crisis and the ensuing lockdown started only 2.5 months after I joined armasuisse. There wasn’t an awful lot of time for me to acquire the knowledge I needed later in my home workplace, when it wasn’t quite so easy to communicate with my team any more. So it was a challenge to continue to stay in regular contact despite working from home, and to benefit from their knowledge. But thanks to the tremendous dedication and enormous flexibility of all those involved, we have been able to cope very well in this situation, in my view.

What would you still like to do, if possible, in the second half of your internship?
It may not sound very interesting, but actually I would just like to experience my internship as normally as it is possible to do so in these times. Due to the Corona crisis, I spent around a quarter of my internship (altogether one year, from January to December), working from home. In the second half, I would hope that lockdown will no longer be necessary and that I can finish my internship on a regular basis.

Do you already know how things will continue after the internship?
At the moment, I’m checking out various options, but nothing is concrete yet. However, what I do know now, based on my internship, is that I really enjoy working in the Federal Administration and that I find it very exciting to be a part of the mechanism of the Swiss Confederation.