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«Women must have the same opportunities as men»

Apart from the current university intern, Montserrat Bolaños is the only woman specialising in sensor technology within Science and Technology. She has been a scientific project manager for three years. In the following interview, she explains how women can make the most of their careers.

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Portrait of Montserrat Bolaños.

Montserrat Bolaños is a scientific project manager in the Department of Sensor Technology.

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September 2018

Portrait of Montserrat Bolaños.
Portrait of Montserrat Bolaños.

Dr. Bolaños, what motivated you to become an engineer?

My main motivation was to continue studying complex subjects. The choice of communication systems engineer was just something that happened. I told myself that I could switch to a career in history or psychology later if I wanted to, even as an adult.  

As a child and teenager, were you given special support in maths, IT, natural sciences and technology (MINT subjects)?

Never. My parents instilled a sense of responsibility in me as soon as I was old enough and I was always left alone to do my homework. They didn’t check to see if I’d done it or correct it.

As a woman, what do you need to do to fit in in a male-dominated area such as defence equipment procurement?

You need to know how to volunteer your professional opinion and when to stand by that opinion without making any concessions. To do that first of all you need to have confidence in yourself and your skills, secondly you need to express yourself in a clear manner that everyone can follow and third you must be extremely well versed in the matter at hand.

Montserrat Bolaños points the camera.
Montserrat Bolaños points the camera.

How many women do you work together with and what do you think about mixed teams?

Just one university student in my WTS department and all the projects on the Swiss side. She is on a one-year internship. What surprised me particularly compared to women's technical roles in my other jobs is the sense of responsibility, hard work and in many cases the efficiency.

What advice would you like to give to other women in terms of their careers?

The same options as men.