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Women at armasuisse

Throughout September and as part of armasuisse diversity management, we are focusing on women who work in a variety of roles at armasuisse. Every week, we will take a look at the interesting biographies of two of our female colleagues.

Montserrat Bolaños pointing the camera

Renate Schärz

Portrait of Renate Schärz

Renate Schärz is project leader in the Vehicles and Power Supply specialist department.

To the interview with Renate Schärz

Katrin Tännler

Portrait of Katrin Tännler.

Katrin Tännler is project leader in the Command and Control and Reconnaissance Systems specialist department.

To the interview with Katrin Tännler

Annette Schnydrig

Portrait von Annette Schnydrig.

Annette Schnydrig is project portfolio manager in the department of Strategic Real Estate Projects.

To the interview with Annette Schnydrig

Montserrat Bolaños

Portrait of Montserrat Bolaños

Montserrat Bolaños is a scientific project leader in the Department of Sensor Technology.

To the interview with Montserrat Bolaños