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Cluster Special Projects

In the cluster Special Projects in the specialised area Command and Control Systems, systems are procured which apply to cross-cluster or smaller specialised niche systems within the specialised area. In this cluster, it is also mainly those systems that are not (or not only) for the Armed Forces, but primarily for other departments/organisational units of the Confederation, which are procured.

Stefan Keller, Head of specialised area Command and Control Systems, Competence domain Command and Control and Reconnaissance Systems

Symbolic Image Cluster Special projects

The cluster Special Projects brings together those projects which, due to their characteristics, cannot typically be assigned to the other clusters of the specialised area or apply to several clusters across the board. This cluster also brings together those projects which are procured for other federal agencies outside of the DDPS.

The project managers who implement the projects from the cluster Special Projects are also active in other clusters. In the Special Projects, we contribute to smooth and compliant flight operation at the military airfields using the «runway systems» system. By procuring the latest document checking systems, we help the customs authorities as well as representatives from the State Secretariat for Migration to reliably check the authenticity of identification documents. The project «Defence against mini drones» concerns the clusters Command and Control and Reconnaissance, Radar and Optronics as well as Surveillance Systems and is of interest both for the Armed Forces as well as for the police force.

Example of a system for defence against mini drones with radar, optronics and radio frequency reconnaissance
Example of a system for defence against mini drones with radar, optronics and radio frequency reconnaissance

With the cross-sectional area PNT (Positioning – Navigation – Timing), we also ensure the procurement of positioning, navigation and time synchronisation systems for overall systems in
the area of ground forces for the competence domains Land Systems and Command and Control and Reconnaissance Systems. If x-ray systems need to be procured, there is also no way to avoid the Special Projects Cluster, and we have proven specialists from this sector in the team.

The runway systems are systems to control barriers, runway lighting and several other elements at the airport which are required for safe flight operation. However, we also procure mobile towers, in order to be able to maintain flight operations during a conversion of an existing tower. To this end, we work in close cooperation with the staff at the military airfields.

In the area of x-ray systems, we procure x-ray systems and sheets for checks on persons for the purpose of events such as the World Economic Forum WEF, for ammunition sites, but also, for example, for the Federal Office of Police and the State Secretariat for Migration, so that they can x-ray postal consignments.

The cross-sectional area PNT ensures that we are up to date regarding information on the various positioning and navigation systems and that the Armed Forces on the ground can be provided with a harmonised solution for their needs.

In close cooperation with MeteoSchweiz, we procure various systems such as radar, LiDAR (light detection and ranging – a technology similar to radar and based on lasers), pollen meters, meteorological stations, measuring instruments to detect radioactive radiation and much more.

In subsequent articles, we want to examine the areas PNT, defence against mini drones and radar systems in more detail.

Mobile tower at Meiringen airfield
Mobile tower at Meiringen airfield

Defence against mini drones

Effector: An interceptor drone with integrated network launcher in action.

How can drone attacks be successfully averted? And where does today’s technology stand in the battle against drone attacks? The project Defence Against Mini Drones attempts to answer these and other questions.

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