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Cluster Meteo in the specialist area Command and Control Systems

The cluster Meteo in the specialist area Command and Control Systems procures systems to cover the requirements of the Armed Forces as regards meteorological information. The Cluster Meteo systems are presented in various articles and their possible applications explained.

Raphael Neuhaus, specialist area Command and Control Systems, competence sector Command and Control + Reconnaissance Systems

A picture shows a cloud and the address Cluster Meteo below


The Cluster Meteo is responsible for procuring meteorological sensor technology, devices and systems. The communication system for meteorological data, which is used as a service and joint data source for meteorological information for the military systems as part of the coordinated weather service, is also a part of Cluster Meteo.

The importance of accurate weather systems and weather forecasts is aptly described in the statement about D-Day – the weather forecast for 5 and 6 June 1944 in the English Channel has been called «perhaps the most important weather forecast that was ever made». Without this forecast, D-Day would not have taken place in this manner.

The team in Cluster Meteo generally deals with aerodrome ground weather systems on military airfields, weather probing systems for the Air Force and artillery, transportable meteorological systems for NBC-EOD and communication systems for meteorological data for the entire Swiss Armed Forces.

But stationary and portable weather instruments such as web cams, sling psychrometers, barometers, etc. are also included in the portfolio.

Meteorological mast and forward scatter meter Bo Wet 20
Meteorological mast and forward scatter meter Bo Wet 20

Cross-sectional area Meteo

Cluster Meteo is available as a point of contact for all procurements of meteorological systems and devices. A broad network of specialists is available in the Armed Forces and industry.

Close cooperation with MeteoSwitzerland is guaranteed by the ordinance on the coordination of the weather service. The team Cluster Meteo can thus access the competence of MeteoSwitzerland. However, MeteoSwitzerland also benefits from the competence of armasuisse in the procurement and public tenders of their weather systems.

Airfield ground weather at the military airfields

Sketch of airfield runway with sensor system, server and clients

Meteorological information plays a crucial role in aviation. Wind, clouds and visibility are particularly important criteria when planning flights as well as when operating an airfield.

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Weather sounding systems for the Air Force and artillery

Helium gas pendant with balloon

The Armed Forces require precise information about the air mass and density, in order to ensure the accuracy of the artillery or the Air Force. You can see the instruments which contribute to this here.

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