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Cyber – challenges and potential

Barely a day goes by without cyber being discussed – even at the DDPS and at armasuisse. But which tasks is armasuisse taking on in the area of cyber and cyber defence? We present insights into the cyber area at armasuisse from five perspectives and explain which role armasuisse is playing in the battle for secure cyber space.

Vernetzte Punkte vor lila Hintergrund welche sich zu zwei sich schüttelnden Händen formen.

The current threat situation

Portrait of Dr. Vincent Lenders

Dr. Vincent Lenders, Head of the Cyber-Defence Campus, talks about the current threat situation in Switzerland and how armasuisse helps to protect the country against cyber attacks.

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Young talents at the cyber defence campus

Portrait of Stéphanie Lebrun

Stéphanie Lebrun, university trainee at armasuisse Science + Technology (S+T), talks about her activities at armasuisse in the field of Cyber-Defence.

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For a secure cyberspace

Portrait of Dr. Alain Mermoud

Dr. Alain Mermoud, Scientific Project Manager at armasuisse S+T, will talk among other topics about «Cyber Threat Intelligence» and how this helps to anticipate cyber-risks early on.

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Innovations for the Swiss Armed Forces

Portrait of Dr. Colin Barschel

Dr. Colin Barschel, Scientific Project Manager for Industry Collaborations at armasuisse S+T, talks about the implementation of the Cyber Start-up Challenge.

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The cyber risks of fighter aircraft

Portrait of Matthias Bertram

Matthias Bertram, project manager for mission support systems and deputy project manager in engineering in the project “New Fighter Aircraft”, explains the cyber risks involved in fighter aircraft.

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