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Air2030 Programme

The Swiss electorate said Yes to the acquisition of new fighter aircraft. Therefore we are focusing on the Air2030 programme in this series.

Diversi F/A-18 in volo

What is the next step in the evaluation process within the Air2030 Programme?

Porträt von Peter Winter

In the interview Peter Winter, Director of Aeronautical Systems and Programme Director Air2030, will answer this question.

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What does a Head of Air2030 Program Support do?

Portrait of Bernhard Gippert

Bernhard Gippert, Head of the Air2030 Program Support in CS LU (Aeronautical Systems), tells us about his task area and the associated challenges.

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An insight into the evaluation process

Portrait of Darko Savic

The evaluation of the new fighter aircraft is complex. Darko Savic, Program Manager «New Fighter Aircraft» explains in the interview what is of particular importance during the evaluation process.

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Benefit analysis in the «new fighter aircraft» and «extended-range ground-based air defence system» project

Portrait of Xavier Comby

Xavier Comby, responsible for the engineering part of the NFA-project, explains how the determination of the total benefit is carried out by using the so-called «AHP method».

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Product support in the evaluation process of a new fighter aircraft

Portrait of Walter Infanger

Walter Infanger, project manager for product support, describes in the following article how product support is embedded in the evaluation process of a new fighter aircraft.

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The cyber risks of fighter aircraft

Portrait of Matthias Bertram

Matthias Bertram, project manager for mission support systems and deputy project manager in engineering in the project “New Fighter Aircraft”, explains the cyber risks involved in fighter aircraft.

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