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The Federal Council has voted: In future, the F-35A and Patriot are to ensure that Swiss airspace is protected. This month in «Insights» we show why these two types are the best suited systems for Switzerland and what the current security policy report has to do with Air2030.

FA-18 and Bodluv on the airfield.

«Fighter aircraft will remain essential in future»

Pälvi Pulli sitz an einem Tisch mit einer Vase gelber Tulpen.

Read the article to find out about the current threat situation and how the security policy report relates to Air2030.

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The Swiss Patriot air defence system

Extended medium-range ground-based air defence systems: Patriot

To ensure airspace protection, the Federal Council has decided to procure the F-35A and the Patriot system from the USA. Read the article to find out why Patriot is the most suitable system for Switzerland.

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