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Sale of Pilatus PC-9 aircraft of the Air Force

armasuisse, part of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) has been assigned with the sale of the Pilatus PC-9 aircraft.

Aircraft Pilatus PC-9

Information on Pilatus PC-9

  •  The aircraft were decommissioned by the Air Force at the end of 2022.
  • Aircraft engines and propellers as well as a large amount of spare parts are also for sale with the aircraft.
  • The auxiliary ammunition of the ejection seats has been removed and is not for sale. The aircraft have been demilitarised (see Technical Description)
  • The aircraft have been removed from the Military Register and must be approved for civilian purposes by the buyer if required.
  • The aircraft have always been kept in the hangar.
  • The aircraft have been fully serviced by a military maintenance organisation.
  • The sale also includes the military aircraft and maintenance documentation.
  • Aircraft and material are subject to the Law on the Control of Dual Use Goods (defence equipment).
  • The aircraft can be viewed in Lodrino by prior arrangement.
  • Support and maintenance by the manufacturer must be clarified by the buyer.
  • The DDPS (including armasuisse) does not offer any support after the purchase.

The following aircraft is advertised for sale:

Aircraft details

Sales period

3 Pilatus PC-9 aircraft plus replacement materials

 Sale by end of November 2023

Terms and conditions of sale

  • The aircraft and spare parts will be offered “as is, as seen” in ACTUAL status (occasion) without flying hour potential up to the next due maintenance date and without a certificate of airworthiness, or civilian certificates of conformity.
  • No guarantee or warranty for aircraft, components, spare parts or documentation is offered.
  • The buyer will meet all the criteria set by the SECO and the US export control authorities and will comply with any export and end-use agreements.
  • The definitive contract will only be awarded after approval by the export control authorities.
  • Together with the offer, the buyer shall describe the intended use, place of use and the operator of the aircraft. armasuisse will support the buyer in obtaining the relevant permits.
  • The aircraft painting must be removed by the buyer.
  • Payment conditions: full payment in advance.
  • We are open to negotiations. The contract will be awarded to the best bid. The bidders are invited to submit their best offer.
  • Offers can be submitted in USD up until 14 July 2023 at the latest.

Technical data Pilatus PC-9

  • PC-9 registration C-407 (S/N 215)
  • PC-9 registration C-408 (S/N 216)
  • PC-9 registration C-412 (S/N 224)
  • 3 replacement aircraft engines and 3 replacement propeller assemblies
  • For spare parts see enclosed sales documents
  • According to Technical Description Pilatus PC-9 (see sales documents)

Delivery conditions

Place of performance is ex works, Lodrino airfield,
Switzerland (Incoterms 2020) after contract signature and prior payment.
Collection by the customer according to the sales contract.


It is possible to submit a bid for the entire package (3 aircraft, replacement aircraft engines plus replacement material). It is also possible to submit a bid for individual aircraft, aircraft engines or the spare parts package.

Offers for the entire package (3 aircraft, replacement aircraft engines plus replacement material) will be given priority.

Please submit your binding offer in USD by 14 July 2023 at the latest to:


Aeronautical Systems competence sector 
Guisanplatz 1
3003 Bern
Phone: +41 58 464 57 01

Sales Contact (technical):                 
Andrea Del Don

Sales Contact (commercial):            
Michael Hofer


Sales document

armasuisse Aeronautical Systems competence sector
Guisanplatz 1
3003 Bern
+41 58 464 57 01