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Security-relevant Technology and Industry Base (STIB)


An effective Security-Relevant Technology and Industry Base (STIB) is an important component of armaments policy. The STIB is made up of research institutions and companies that have expertise, skills and resources in the field of security and defence technology in Switzerland.


Technology and Market Monitoring

In 2018, self-registration in the STIB database was superseded by an automated Technology and Market Monitoring (TMM) system. The data is collected by a web crawler that searches through publicly available sources, such as commercial registers, company websites and social media channels. The data is searched at regular intervals and updated monthly by TMM.

Thanks to TMM, companies can be located along with relevant information such as the products, services and technologies that they offer. This makes companies visible both as potential suppliers and as possible offset partners in procurements.

Contact list

If you would like to be kept regularly informed by armasuisse about current procurement plans, cooperation projects and offset possibilities, for example in connection with the industry orientation event, please enter your company’s contact details in the contact list.

Please note that an entry in the contact list is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee for recognition of offset agreements or granting of offset multipliers.

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