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Armament Policy of the Federal Council

In the Principles of the Swiss Federal Council for the Armament Policy of the DDPS, dated 24 October 2018, the Federal Council formulates principles according to which it aims to provide the armed forces and other governmental institutions involved in state security with the necessary equipment and armaments as well as the required services on time, in line with economic principles and in a transparent manner. In the Armament Policy, the Federal Council outlines the main features of the collaboration between the DDPS and the private sector and describes how access to crucial knowledge is to be facilitated and how its availability is to be ensured in times of tension concerning security policy or armed conflict. It also states which principles are applied when collaborating with other countries and international organisations. The Armament Policy is implemented by means of downstream strategies.

Armaments Strategy

armasuisse has developed an armaments strategy based on the Federal Council’s principles for the DDPS’ armaments policy of October 24, 2018. The strategy focuses on securing modern, operational systems and related competences, as well as strengthening an innovative and efficient technological and industrial base.
On December 17, 2019, the Head of the DDPS approved the armaments strategy and put it into effect as of January 1, 2020.
armasuisse has been assigned the task of implementation. Over the course of 2020, the implementation regulations required for this purpose will be examined and where necessary updated.


Armament Policy of the Federal Council Sarah Schüpbach
Head External Relations
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