Armament Policy of the Federal Council

Note: At its meeting on 24 October 2018, the Federal Council approved the updated principles of the Federal Council for the Armament Policy of the DDPS. They will enter into effect on 1 January 2019. The contents of this page are currently being updated in preparation for this.  

The armament policy defines the basic manner in which armaments are to be procured. It applies to all phases of the armament procedure: in addition to evaluations and procurements as core activities they also include the maintenance and disposal of armaments. In this connection it regulates questions of national and international cooperation with the industry. Moreover the armament policy covers the procurement of knowledge and know-how, guaranteeing that the required technological capabilities in the armament sector are mastered.

Industrial Participations

The Federal Council’s June 30th 2010 guidelines (currently in revision) for the defense procurement policy state: With regard to armament policy and economic policy, offset or compensation transactions in case of procurements abroad have proven successful. As in the past, offset transactions are expected to open up the access to foreign markets for Swiss industry, or to strengthen its position in these markets. In particular, offset transactions are to lead to the acquisition of additional know-how and consequently to additional contract and export value, if the Swiss industry can offer its services at competitive conditions. The actual offset policy is to be drawn up and shaped by armasuisse, the Procurement Technology Center.

Industrial Participations

On 1 January 2010 the so-called Industrial Participation Office in Bern commenced operations. Its main task is an optimization of cooperation and coordination between armasuisse and the industry in implementing offset obligations. Consequently the office supports Swiss industry during the entire offset process.


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