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Purchasing + Cooperations

Purchasing and Cooperations ensures that the armed forces are always kept supplied with materiel and services. 

Having an internal center of competence to handle tendering procedures in accordance with the WTO standard assists end users during every phase of the public tendering process and ensures that legal and procedural aspects are complied with fully.

An overview of our specialist departments

Contracts and Support

Contracts and Support procures all clothing and equipment items, e.g. combat, working, foul weather and protective clothing, uniforms, footwear and musical instruments, plus kitbags and all types of textiles. 

Shipping and warehousing for armasuisse also form part of our support services 

The WTO Competence Center

The CC WTO is the DDPS's central agency for conducting tendering processes in accordance with public procurement law (PPA/PPO). 

The CC WTO assists end user departments throughout the process of procuring goods and services by:

  • providing advice on preparing public invitations to tender
  • handling the tendering process, and
  • maintaining the tendering process platform

The CC WTO is the interface to bidders from the moment the invitation to tender is published until the process finishes with the award of a contract.

Thirt-party Purchases

Third-Party Purchases procures goods and services for the day-to-day operation of the armed forces. This includes fuel, energy and lubricants, food and drink, vehicle spares, chemicals, interior fittings and kitchen equipment, hardware and software licenses and services for all departments. 

Second Level Support for the SAP procurement process and DDPS procurement management are also an integral part of this department's tasks.


The Technology department is responsible for the technical aspects of clothing and equipment procurement. 

This includes drawing up technical specifications, drawings and cutting patterns. 

Quality management is responsible for acceptance inspections of the goods being procured.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are always able to provide our customers with a good solution. We also maintain an excellent specialist network with universities at home and abroad and to research and with research and development.

Purchasing + Cooperations Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 485 43 71
+41 58 464 61 37


Purchasing + Cooperations

Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern


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