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Purchasing + Cooperations

armasuisse is one of four central offices for procurement management within the Federal Administration. The competence sector Purchasing and Cooperations procures clothing and equipment for the Armed Forces and other requesting units of the Federal Administration, as well as other goods and services which the Armed Forces require for daily operation.

An overview of our five specialist areas

Specialist area Commerce Goods

The specialist area Purchasing Commerce Goods consists of the Investment Goods and Consumables team and the Clothing and Equipment Materials team.

The purchases of the Investment Goods and Consumables team include:

barracks equipment, cleaning material, textile care, sports equipment such as seals, screws, wood, signs/feedstuffs/garage equipment, tools, machine tools, resources/army provisions/operating materials, energy, lubricants as well as chemicals, gas, adhesive/packaging and switches, relays, electric motors, cooling and air conditioning equipment.

The purchases of the Clothing and Equipment Materials team include:

fabric, badges, functional undergarments/work clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, gloves/ballistics, rucksacks, bags, helmets/uniforms, cold and weather protection, headgear as well as musical instruments, training/dog material, top-class sportswear.

Specialist area Services Commerce

The specialist area Services Commerce consists of the Other Services team as well as the Information and Communications Technology team and the Selection team.

The purchases of the Other Services team include:

all FM services, guarding and security services, transport services, consultancy services, translation services, training services.

The purchases of the Information and Communications Technology team include:

licenses, hardware, staffing and consulting services, as well as maintenance, changes, incidents, further developments for software.

The Selection Team

checks the incoming procurement orders with regard to responsibility and completeness, assigns them to a project manager and supports business actively until completion.

Specialist area Technology 

The specialist area Technology is responsible for the technical aspects of clothing and equipment procurement, as well as for Quality Management. This includes drawing up technical specifications, drawings and cutting patterns. Quality management is responsible for the acceptance of the goods procured.

Specialist area Support

The specialist area Support is split up into Procurement Management, Support and Integration Management and the area of Freight Forwarding and Storage armasuisse. Procurement and Customer Management is where Procurement Controlling takes place, nationwide demand planning is raised and the orders are triggered to armasuisse. Customer Management, material planning and the procurement delegations within the framework of responsibility of the central requesting unit armasuisse are also coordinated here.

The team Support and Integration Management supports users in the SAP defence system and manages super user organisation. Other fields of activity such as Contract Management, Self-Service Procurement, Item Management and IT Support Services are also supported in this team.

The area of Freight Forwarding and Storage provides general logistics support, has its own vehicle fleet and manages all the goods receipts and issues in the armasuisse carriage of goods. In particular, this includes project-relevant goods as well as semi-finished and finished products in the textile and clothing sector.

Specialist area CC WTO

The specialist area CC WTO (Competence Center World Trade Organization) is the DDPS's central agency for conducting tendering processes in accordance with public procurement law (PPA/PPO).

The CC WTO assists the end user departments throughout the process of procuring goods and services by:

  • providing advice and collaborating in preparing public invitations to tender
  • handling the tendering process, and
  • maintaining the tendering process platform

The CC WTO is the interface to bidders from the moment the invitation to tender is published until the process concludes with the award of a contract.

Purchasing + Cooperations Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 485 43 71
+41 58 464 61 37


Purchasing + Cooperations

Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Bern


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