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Procurement Competence Sectors

The procurement sector - consisting of the skill areas «Command and Control + Reconnaissance Systems», «Land Systems», «Aeronautical Systems», as well as «Purchasing and Cooperations» – is responsible for procurement in favour of the Swiss Armed Forces, the Confederation and further clients.

The four areas of expertise are responsible for active participation in the customers’ planning process, strategic procurement and sales management, operational realization of evaluation, procurement, sale and disposal, as well as for support during the utilization and maintenance phases.

This brings armasuisse into contact with many domestic and foreign companies and suppliers. Major military military systems are procured mainly from abroad. In this case armasuisse aims at appropriate direct and indirect partcipation of the Swiss industry within the competition process.

With the annual armament program the medium and long term technical renewal of the armed forces is guaranteed. armasuisse is also in charge of the sale or liquidation of military systems and equipment.  

Command and Control + Reconnaissance

Führungs- und Aufklärungssysteme armasuisse

Investments for the future

The Competence Sector Command and Control + Reconnaissance Systems is responsible for trendsetting C4ISTAR systems. Its employees evaluate, procure and support systems, and provide services, primarily for the main source of orders, the Swiss Armed Forces. The services and products are also available to other customers within the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS, and to third parties.

Land Systems


Reliability in training and combat

The Competence Sector Land Systems is responsible for heavy and light land systems, ammunition, all types of transport vehicles, engineer, rescue and NBC protection equipment as well as modern simulation and training facilities. Its employees evaluate, procure, support, sell and dispose of systems and goods. They provide their services for the main source of orders, the Swiss Armed Forces, but also for other customers.

Aeronautical Systems


Aeronautical Systems

The Competence Sector Aeronautical Systems is responsible for the air material of the Swiss Air Force and supports its projects during all phases of the armament procurement process. The sector, independent from manufacturers, is responsible for the evaluation, procurement, certification, maintenance and decommissioning of aeronautical systems. These services are offered to public authorities and external customers.

Purchasing and Cooperations

Einkauf und Kooperation armasuisse

Central procurement of goods and services

As one of three central entities the Competence Sector Purchasing and Cooperations is responsible for the acquisition management within the federal administration. The comprehensive services offered by armasuisse in the field of evaluation and procurement support are available to the Swiss Armed Forces, to the federal administration, and to third parties.

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