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Simulation and outer space

In the areas of simulation and outer space, we are researching, developing and testing technologies and solutions for capability development, mission support as well as education and training of the Swiss Armed Forces. Bringing added value to the troops is our purpose.

Capability-based research

A yellow beam of the shines out of the astronomical institute of the University of Bern into the luminous night sky
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With our research programmes Outer Space and Complexity Management, we are specifically building assessment competences for technologies which are relevant for the operational skills of the Swiss Armed Forces. Using technology monitoring, we are continuously monitoring national and international developments and assess them according to aspects such as technical feasibility, availability, usability, costs and dependencies.


Screenshot of the SitSat application

Innovations only result from ideas when these are transposed into new products, services or procedures which are actually used successfully. In order for the Swiss Armed Forces to benefit from the added value of these innovations, we are developing, testing and transferring solutions for optimum support of the troops in the areas of capability development, mission support as well as education and training.

Decision support

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Where customer orders are concerned, we support the troops in complex issues. Here, we help our customers in selecting the ap-propriate technology and architecture (in concept develop-ment and experimentation (CD&E), in simulating and analysing military threat scenarios as well as in holistic and robust decision-making for operations or comprehensive investments. Our objective is to make the military added value from science and technology available to the troops in good time.



Screenshot of a simulation application: A tank can be seen in the foreground, a burning car in the background

In order to review conceptual ideas or new acquisitions of systems for their suitability and feasibility early on, we test innovative products for the troops. Through extensive examinations in our laboratories, we test products from the areas of simulation and outer space with regard to their impact on military operations. The knowledge obtained flows into new conceptions or acquisitions at any early stage and thus helps to minimise risks early on.

Our customers

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Our areas


Screenshot of a simulation application


An orbit circles the earth

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