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Sensor Technology

In the areas of management, reconnaissance and surveillance, the army needs up-to-date situational pictures to be able to make important decisions quickly in the case of defence. These are created using state-of-the-art sensors. Experts specify and evaluate the performance parameters of current and future sensor systems across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Sensors are examined using a unique measurement infrastructure to ensure they meet the high technological requirements for use in complex and disturbance-prone environments.

Modellflugzeug in echofreier Kammer


Optronics (the combination of optics and electronics) deals with modern optical surveillance and reconnaissance systems. New sensors are tested in all spectral bands (ultraviolet, visible and infrared) and their performance parameters determined. Expert opinions are also prepared for the assessment of camouflage and deception, as well as for the safe use of laser systems.


Radar sensors are specified, evaluated and tested in complex systems. By analysing and simulating data from radar systems, it is possible to gain crucial insights when assessing the air situation. The properties of signatures
in the corresponding frequency spectrum are also examined for further characterization of an object.

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare (electronic detection, disruption and deception) involves the ability to specify, assess and accept systems in the field of electronic support measures (ESM), electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic
intelligence (ELINT). Complex radar and threat signals are generated specifically for the Swiss airspace, and electromagnetic interference and reconnaissance capability are simulated and optimised.

Unique Test Infrastructure

Our measuring and testing facilities are available to national and international customers for system and component testing. All facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, and our highly qualified staff ensure professional testing.

Anechoic Chamber


The measurement of radar signatures and antenna parameters takes place here in an environment that is as controlled and with as little interference as possible. The results are used to create specifications or simulations.

Millimetre Wave Hall

GMTF im Tarnkit
Ein getarnter GMTF steht in einer Messhalle

A signature describes how the waves emitted by the radar are dispersed on an object. We offer signature measurements on camouflaged and non-camouflaged, large and heavy objects in the millimetre wave hall.

EW Laboratory


We offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of electronic warfare (EW). The EW laboratory in Thun has extensive technical infrastructure.

Field Tests


Thanks to mobile instruments, electronic warfare measurements can also be carried out on the test site in Thun or in the field in the immediate vicinity of the system to be tested.

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