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ARCHE 2020 – Swiss robotics for the disaster relief of the future
Drohne vor dem Abheben auf dem Boden

In today’s world, technologies are evolving constantly and rapidly. This also applies for the area of disaster relief, where robotics is to be used more and more to support humans. Within armasuisse S+T, the suitability of robot use can be evaluated and more learned about users’ needs with ARCHE.


Measurement of acoustic stress of vehicle occupants with vehicle blasting
Experiment  im Hallraum bei der EMPA in Dübendorf

Armoured vehicles must guarantee that passengers are protected in the event of blasting. This also applies for hearing. As a high level of sound pressure can occur in the interior of a vehicle, a check is performed to ensure that this does not exceed a defined limit value. The armasuisse S+T test centre has developed a new measuring procedure for the first time to determine the impact of the sound pressure on hearing.


First tests from diving robot demonstrator

The SDRZ DDPS is investigating how underwater robots can support divers of the Kommando KAMIR in their wide scope of activities. In February of this year, the first joint test was performed successfully with a research demonstrator. The potential of robotics was demonstrated and valuable information on aligning research activities was obtained.


Ammunition becomes ecological: From the foodstuffs industry to military applications
Grüne Munition

Environmental protection is ubiquitous in our everyday life and also has an impact on the production of ammunition. The department Explosive Materials and Ammunition Surveillance (WTE) is involved, in cooperation with industry, in the transition to «ecological» ammunition, the aim of which is to be more eco-friendly and less harmful to people.


Use of a data recorder for quality monitoring of weather radars
Lema Radar

Where planes and the weather is concerned, functioning radar technology plays a fundamental role. The technical performance of radar antennas is highly relevant in this regard. That is why armasuisse Science and Technology is working together with MeteoSchweiz on a device that checks the quality of weather radars and antennas.


Cyber Defence Campus: Fellowships and Other Networking Activities

The Cyber Defence (CYD) Campus of armasuisse Science and Technology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) are jointly launching a talent programme for research and training in the field of cyber defence. These Cyber Defence Fellowships are open to researchers at master, PhD and postdoc level.


How the Swiss Armed Forces is arming against cyber attacks
«The Action Plan for Cyber Defence» (APCD) of the DDPS

More efficient defence against cyber attacks based on machine learning – the Cyber Defence Campus is showing the first results. This is thanks to the close connection with the basic research at the ETH Zurich and the operative cyber organisational units of the Swiss Armed Forces.


DEFTECH Publication: Highlights – Urbanity
Symboldbild Deftech

How are growing megacities, increased mobility, faster information exchange and ever newer communication channels changing the development of future armed forces? The research program “Technology Forecasting” is dedicated to this and other topics in the latest DEFTECH publication on the subject of «Urbanity».


NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture
The NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture Standard enables consistent integration of various different subsystems on vehicle platforms

Military vehicle platforms today consist of a variety of subsystems that need to be compatible with each other. armasuisse S+T is actively involved in setting up the «NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture» implementation standard. This ensures the interoperability as well as a cost-effective integration of electronic subsystems on military platforms.


Cyber-Defence Campus meets innovative start-ups at CES 2020
CYD Delegation Silivon Valley CES 2020

The Cyber Defence Campus is presenting itself together with Swisstech at the «Consumer Technology Association (CES) - Conference 2020» in Las Vegas. The president of ETH Zürich, Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot and the president of EPFL, Prof. Dr. Martin Vetterli are also attending the conference.

Events S+T

17 September 2020

DEFTECH 17.09.2020
DEFTECH High Altitude Platforms

High Altitude Platforms (HAPS): filling a gap between ground, air and space?

03 November 04 November 2020

CYD Campus Conferences

10 November 2020

DEFTECH 2020 – Human-Machine Interface and Interaction
DEFTECH 05.05.2020 - Human-Machine Interface and Interaction

The future of the army is determined by human-machine interaction. Which combination is the most efficient and promising?