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First Startup Jam Session at the Cyber-Defence Campus

On 31 May 2022, the Cyber-Defence Campus organized its first Cybersecurity Startup Jam Session at its new location in Zurich. The event connected experts from armasuisse Science and Technology with representatives from industry, young entrepreneurs and students to provide a forum for a creative exchange on innovative technology solutions and entrepreneurial ideas.

23.06.2022 | Giorgio Tresoldi, Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology

The participants of the Cyber Jam listen to a speaker.
Students, (young) entrepreneurs and cyber experts came together at the first startup Jam in Zurich.

The event was organized in three short 15-minute rounds, where experts from armasuisse Science and Technology, Swisscom, the ETH Entrepreneur Club and several student venture capital funds jammed together with entrepreneurs, students and cybersecurity experts and discussed novel ideas that could lead to new companies and products. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, explore variations, challenge the ideas and discuss in an informal setting with experts and other entrepreneurs, which was very appreciated. It is likely that several participants will continue to pursue their ideas, which will then hopefully develop into products and companies and bring an added value to the Swiss cyberdefence ecosystem. The event was co-organized with the Startup Jam association, a spin-off of the ETH Entrepreneur Club, which has already held over 20 Jams in different areas leading to the creation of successful companies.

Given the success of the event, the Cyber-Defence Campus plans to repeat the experience expanding the scope to other topics (data science and artificial intelligence applications for defence) and other cities in Switzerland (Lausanne, St. Gallen). The aim of this initiative is to promote collaboration with the startup ecosystem in Switzerland and to drive forward novel technology solutions.

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