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Cyber Defence Campus meets innovative start-ups at CES 2020

The Cyber Defence Campus is presenting itself together with Swisstech at the «Consumer Technology Association (CES) - Conference 2020» in Las Vegas. The president of ETH Zürich, Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot and the president of EPFL, Prof. Dr. Martin Vetterli are also attending the conference.

09.01.2020 | Giorgio Tresoldi, WTC4I

CYD Delegation Silivon Valley CES 2020
The Cyber Defence Campus meets the presidents of ETH Zürich and EPFL - Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot and Prof. Dr. Martin Vetterli at the CES 2020.

Systematic, international networking with the relevant authorities, start-ups, partners from academia and other companies is eminently important in being able to implement the digitisation of society and the economy in a secure environment. The Cyber-Defence Campus is committed to strengthening networks to create new opportunities in the exchange of knowledge and experience between researchers and entrepreneurs. Working together with innovative cyber security start-ups is a key factor in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

The combined presence at the CES conference is an example of the excellent cooperation with our partners: «Presence Switzerland» - Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs EDA, digitalswitzerland, swissnex San Francisco, ETH Zürich, EPFL