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Innovative board game on conflicts and new technologies

The VISIONARY DAYs will take place in Tessin from October 3 – 9. This one-week event will enable Swiss and North Italian companies to exchange experiences on the latest trends in the area of digital innovation. As research programme director of «Technology Foresight» armasuisse S+T, Dr. Quentin Ladetto will present the board game «New Techno War» for the first time, together with his partners.

07.10.2020 | Dr. Quentin Ladetto, Department Research Management and Operations Research

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Over the course of a week, companies from Switzerland and North Italy will have the chance to exchange ideas on topics in the area of digital innovation, such as business transformation, digital skills and information security. This time Dr. Quentin Ladetto, head of the research programme “Technology Foresight” from armasuisse Science and Technology will also be present. In addition to his programme, the respective activities and applications, he will also introduce the innovative board game “New Techno War” at the conference.

New Techno War is a board game on the topic of future warfare. It has been created as a result of the cooperation between armasuisse Science and Technology and a group of military experts. The board game as a methodical approach serves as a simplified but realistic model for decision-making processes in various scenarios of warfare in the real world. The players constantly reassess and revaluate the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies in various situations of a military conflict, in order to achieve advantages and prevent disadvantages.

The game-based analysis helps to provide insights into human behaviour, be it as potential users of future technologies or as individuals challenged by the innovative use of technology by their opponents. A commercial version of the developed war game is available from Helvetia Games. armasuisse does not participate financially in the proceeds of the sale

The research programme «Technology Foresight» examines various issues on the topic of disruptive technologies in the military environment. The impact of new, not yet existing technologies are assessed in a military context and possible consequences for the Swiss armed forces shown.