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Between fiction and reality

What better than science fiction to describe and communicate futuristic realities and concepts? The new brochure sheds light on the challenges in which it highlights parallels between new technologies in the literary world and the current state of research.

08.08.2018 | Dr. Quentin Ladetto

Coverpage Comic «Meteor» - Bees attack
Coverpage Comic «Meteor» - Bees attack

armasuisse Science and Technology is tasked with anticipating the technological challenges that may have an effect on the Swiss Armed Forces. To do so, we must place ourselves in a future environment that is as complex as it is unknown. We need to ask the right questions and lead discussions and reflect on things that don't even exist yet. And what better than science fiction to describe and communicate such futuristic realities and concepts?

With an innovative format and content, both influenced by the power of imagination and real developments, we have tried to show the parallels between the emergence of these new technologies in the literary world and current state of research in various areas. In addition, we would like to shed light on the challenges faced by national security today, as well as the role the various technologies can play. Illustrated with comic images from the 1960s, this publication makes this topic accessible and offers a philosophical touch of a constant new beginning. We hope to raise awareness among our readers of these technological issues, which will play a fundamental role in the different versions of our future.

We hope you enjoy reading! 

Technological developments and challenges

«On the brink between fiction and reality»
Booklet (pdf) «On the brink between fiction and reality»

Research programme «Technology Forecasting»

armasuisse Science and Technology's «Technology Forecasting» research programme aims to acquire the necessary knowledge to understand the opportunities and risks presented by new technologies from a military perspective in general and in particular for the Swiss Armed Forces.

«Technology Forecasting»
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