Ammuniton Surveillance

Ammunition monitoring involves continuously recording the current condition of the ammunition stocks held by the Swiss Armed Forces. Circumstances which could lead to a heightened risk scenario need to be identified and precautions to be taken must be defined in advance. The findings from component analysis and testing provide the basis for assessing the ammunition held in store as regards its functional reliability, handling safety, transportability and storability. Early detection of changes in ammunition characteristics is a significant, integral element of the work.


Measuring of electrostatic discharge in a round robin test to ascertain handling safety

Efficient munitions monitoring and international quality control

Munition items suffer wear and tear. Therefore they need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are still fit for purpose. Aging of munitions/explosives can impair their reliability. International ringtests in which measurements were performed for quality assurance purposes have confirmed conformity with the international standard at all times.

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Two APCs fitted with camouflage kits underway at the Bure training ground

Last November, a camouflage kit for APCs was tested at the Bure training ground. Compared to the simple rectangular camouflage nets currently used (“stationary camouflage”), the additional camouflaging effect was retained even while the vehicle was in motion (“mobile camouflage”).

Camouflaging properties are regularly examined and tested. S+T used a mobile field radar, set at 94 GHz, to test the camouflaging properties of a camouflage kit attached to vehicles by armed forces personnel. The test demonstrated the potential advantages of a mobile camouflage kit for APCs, the difficulties encountered during development work and, in approximate terms, the properties that the kit can be expected to exhibit. The additional weight, the time taken to install the kit and service the vehicle and the impaired driving properties suggest that the design and materials currently available are restrictive.

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