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Modelling and Simulation

Making decisions in a complex environment is a major challenge for commanders and managers. We support government and military decision makers by providing models and simulations to facilitate the decision-making process by rendering situations more transparent and assessable. The center of our considerations is often cost-effectiveness.


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CREDO is a decision-making support tool for complex situations. It enables experts to visualize various scenarios and to analyse the consequences of changes with respect to a target. Based on a structure comprising personnel, training, logistics, and command and control (German: PALF—Personal, Ausbildung, Logistik und Führung), it will be possible to compare actual vs. target situations including their estimated uncertainties. CREDO is being used in projects addressing the further development of the Swiss armed forces and civil protection units (German: WEA—Weiterentwicklung der Armee; Zivilschutz 2015+).

CD&E – Concept Development & Experimentation + HERMES 5

CD&E  –  Concept Development & Experimentation + HERMES 5

A simple and efficient scientific approach to integrating the CD&E process in to the new HERMES 5 project management method.


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Flight trajectory calculations, 120mm mortar 16

Flight trajectory calculations, 120mm mortar 16

The DDPS's procurement project for the 120mm mortar is designed to restore the Swiss Armed Forces' capability to provide short-range, indirect fire support. The mortar will be equipped with an onboard computer whose tasks will include carrying out flight trajectory calculations. S+T is supporting this part of the project by providing flight trajectory calculation models and associated software modules.

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Talking shop with Austrian partners

A crucial topic in the area of military security

The annual Austrian-Swiss technical conference (Fachgespräche A-CH) was held this year in Bregenz on 30-31 August 2016. The varied programme attracted a considerable number of participants from the BMLVS and the DDPS. Four important findings were made in the areas of lead-free ammunition, drones, cruise missiles and modelling/simulation.


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