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Communication and Electromagnetic Protection Systems

Communications and management systems need to transfer information without delay to all levels of management. The secure transmission of information between sensor systems, decision-makers and emergency services constitutes a challenge particularly in mobile engagements. All military systems using the electromagnetic spectrum must be protected against electromagnetic hazards on one side and comply with the legal restrictions on the emission of non-ionising radiation. With evaluations and tests the experts verify the military and legal compliance.

An antenna stands on the roof of a building

Communications and Management Systems

Communications is at the heart of all management and information systems. Coverage, capacity and availability requirements are defined based on military requirements and their functionality is reviewed. The immunity
to interference and the resilience of the networks during a crisis, and the protection against unauthorised access to information are all relevant in terms of security.

Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR)

S+T leads the competence centre for non-ionising radiation of the DDPS (DDPS COMC). Its central task is the over-all coordination, which guarantees personal safety. For new projects that generate NIR, electromagnetic emissions are calculated and assessed in terms of legal requirements. After commissioning, the radiation is measured and proposals for remedial action are made as required.

High-Power Electromagnetics

Special attention is paid to electromagnetic effects and their compatibility, expert opinion is provided. The focus is on high-power electromagnetics, nuclear electromagnetic pulses, lightning protection and non-ionising radiation.
Specialists provide the required proof of protection based on technical requirements.

Unique Test Infrastructure

Our measuring and testing facilities are available to national and international customers for system and component testing. All facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, and our highly qualified personnel ensure professional testing.

Komsys Laboratory


This facility for evaluating the performance of communications systems can be used for laboratory and field measurements and for carrying out simulations and emulations. It is suitable for assessing military radio networks and complete communications systems.

Antenna Measuring Station


Measuring site for antenna measurements in the VHF/UHF frequency range with hub, measuring tower and measuring shack. This facility is suitable for determining antenna diagrams and characterising location properties.

HPE Laboratory

A piranha stands in a measuring field outdoors

Facility for testing immunity to pulsed electromagnetic sources such as nuclear-induced electromagnetic pulses, lightning or intended interference signals (high-power electromagnetics [HPE]).

NIR Competence Centre

Messaufbau im Labor

Measurement infrastructure for army electromagnetic emission systems with regard to their legal conformity. Software is also available here for situation-specific electromagnetic fields simulations.

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