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Science and Technology (S+T) is the center of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS). Customers need to be able to make informed decisions. S+T provides the bases: risk-minimized, forward-looking, current. Customers also require system safety. S+T offers solutions: reliable, proven, operational.

armasuisse Sciene and Technology

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Automatic classification of radar data using machine-learning methods
How an X-band surveillance radar sees different targets

During the image analysis process, machine-learning (ML) methods are used as standard for automatic image classification and feature recognition. These methods attempt to group image-specific characteristics in a training data set and assign predetermined classes (e.g. «landscape», «dog» and «person») in order to generalise new images.


Are line-of-sight and radar compatible?
Line-of-sight unit in the S+T anechoic chamber in Bern.

With the current density of communication media and radar, the question arises as to whether the two formats are compatible with one another. This issue is compounded by the fact that some devices use similar frequencies.


DEFTECH Update Oktober 2018

Developments in the storage of energy, robotics and automated information processing – these are the subjects of the latest DEFTECH (Defence Future Technologies) Update of armasuisse Science and Technology.


Upgrade of ammunition held in stock with quality test by S+T test centre
Function, safety and performance of the upgraded ammunition tested by WTT

armasuisse is having the round for the Leopard 2 MBT 120 mm weapon system/L44 gun barrel renewed to ensure that there is sufficient ammunition in stock again and to guarantee the army is prepared. The WTT tests its function, safety and performance.


Measurement of meteorological parameters using drones
Meteodrone during the acquisition of meteorological data

At armasuisse W + T, tests using drones have been performed to record local weather parameters. During test campaigns, the advantages and disadvantages of these «flying weather stations» compared to meteorological balloons were evaluated.


DEFTECH between fiction and reality
Coverpage Comic «Meteor» - Bees attack

What better than science fiction to describe and communicate futuristic realities and concepts? The new brochure sheds light on the challenges in which it highlights parallels between new technologies in the literary world and the current state of research.


Robotics use in disaster relief in the future
Fire extinguishing robot in use during an unpredictable chemical accident

In the future, robots are likely to be used more and more in disaster relief. With their help, emergency responders should be supported and protected. Above all, the victims of natural disasters should receive assistance quicker. The Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) has launched a research programme in order to assess the practical suitability of robots (in disaster relief).


Fake news? Lethal effect of micro drones

A recently published YouTube video shows someone flying a micro drone equipped with optical sensors and a miniature shape charge as an effector. In the video, the drone uses facial recognition to seek out the target and positions itself above the person's head. The onboard miniature shape charge is then fired.

Events S+T


19 November 20 November 2019

«Aviation Cyber Security»
Keyvisual CYD

The more the world of aviation networks and embraces digitisation, the more its infrastructure becomes the target of malicious actions. At the “Aviation Cyber Security” conference to be held by the ...