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armasuisse S+T is the center of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS). Customers need to be able to make informed decisions. S+T provides the bases: risk-minimized, forward-looking, current. Customers also require system safety. S+T offers solutions: reliable, proven, operational.

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Protection against unexploded ordnances and ammunition remnants in remediation
A blast with a 15.5 cm artillery shell is prepared.

The remediation and restoration of old firing ranges which are contaminated with unexploded ordnances and ammunition remnants are important measures in protecting the environment and persons. The construction machinery used and its operating staff play an important role here. Vibrations and shocks can cause explosions. The test centre supports risk minimisation with its expertise in the protection sector.


The Cyber-Defence Campus publishes its 2022 Annual Report
The locations of the Cyber Defence Campus Thun, Lausanne and Zurich shown in blue on a networked Switzerland.

The Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology, has now published its second Annual Report. It grants the cyber community and other interested parties a detailed insight into its activities in 2022. The report highlights various CYD Campus activities, such as its research and innovation projects, technology and market monitoring and the expansion of laboratory infrastructures.


Collaborative approach to eliminating cyber security vulnerabilities
Representation of a power substation in a secure area

After a successful hackathon organised by the Cyber-Defence Campus of armasuisse Science and Technology in cooperation with the Cyber Battalion 42, the discovery of hitherto unknown security vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICS) has now been published. The hackathon, which brought together experts from science, business and government in September 2022, served as a platform for the collaborative investigation of potential security risks.


Remote sensing and imagery intelligence: Looking back in terms of research and cooperation
Radar image of the Gösgen nuclear power plant

On Friday, 10 February 2023, armasuisse Science and Technology organised the annual review of the research projects SAR and the hyperspectral sensory analysis of the University of Zurich. This was an internal DDPS event. Around 30 specialists were present and used the opportunity to exchange ideas.


Environmentally friendly and safe recovery of ammunition from Swiss waters
Schematic representation of a seabed full of ammunition with a so-called sediment box on top.

On 20 December 2022, armasuisse Science and Technology in Bern held an information event on the topic «Feasibility of the environmentally friendly and safe recovery of ammunition in Swiss waters». Experts from government, industry and academia discussed the current technical options for such recovery operations and their impact on the ecosystem.


AHORN 2022 - The Alpine region: a navigation challenge
Group photo of AHORN22 participants in front of a mountain range in the background.

armasuisse S+T took part in the AHORN22 conference last December. This three-way event organised by the Swiss Institute of Navigation (ION-CH) and bringing together the Austrian and German Institutes of Navigation (OVN and DGON) was an opportunity to exchange views on problems of positioning, navigation and communications technology that are specific to the Alpine environment.


Recommended actions for the Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre of the DDPS
Group picture of the Strategic Advisory Board

The Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre of the DDPS (SDRC DDPS) of armasuisse Science and Technology deals with robotics in the security environment. It is supported in this by the Strategic Advisory Board, consisting of representatives from the armed forces, research, industry and government. This Board adopted four recommended actions for the SDRC DDPS on 8 December 2022.


ISTAR research workshop
Group photo of the research workshop participants on the steps at armasuisse Science and Technology in Thun

On 15 and 16 November 2022, armasuisse Science and Technology held a two-day research workshop with its partners from Germany and Switzerland in Thun. The focus was on mutual exchange, including subjects such as cognitive radar techniques, drone detection, and modern camouflage. In addition to the workshop, the participants visited the laboratories of the specialist areas Communication and Electromagnetic Protection as well as Sensory Technology.


DDPS tests SCION network for Swiss cyber defence
The locations of the Cyber Defence Campus Thun, Lausanne and Zurich shown in blue on a networked Switzerland.

The Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) is testing the use of SCION network technology and is setting up a national SCION test infrastructure for this purpose at the Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology, together with Swisscom, Sunrise and SWITCH.


Controlling Autonomous Systems in the Security Sector

Due to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machines are being increasingly involved in decision-making processes. Thereby a key question is how to ensure human control, so that increasingly more autonomous systems can reliably be deployed by security forces. This question was addressed in the workshop held on 2 and 3 November 2022 under the management of the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) of the University of Zurich in cooperation with the Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre of the DDPS (SDRC DDPS), armasuisse Science and Technology. The presentations revealed the latest research findings on ethical and legal aspects of the control of autonomous systems in the security sector.

Events S+T


20 April 2023
Congress, symposium, convention

Plakat vom nächsten deftech-Anlass zum Thema: Vertrauen : Herausforderungen und Auswirkungen für die Zusammenarbeit von Mensch und Maschine

d(eftech).day is synonymous with action like its famous namesake D-Day. Whether it is a workshop, conference, presentation or exhibition, the aim of these days is to allow the armed forces to meet ...

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