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Science and Technology (S+T) is the center of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS). Customers need to be able to make informed decisions. S+T provides the bases: risk-minimized, forward-looking, current. Customers also require system safety. S+T offers solutions: reliable, proven, operational.

armasuisse Sciene and Technology

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Drone detection in urban environments
Drone flies over the Armed Forces training village

Low-flying drones are hard to spot with the human eye as well as when using technical equipment. It is even harder to detect them when they are flying in urban areas where visibility is restricted. For this reason, armasuisse S+T investigated new ways of detecting drones in the Armed Forces training village in Bure. As part of these efforts, state-of-the-art detectors were installed around the village on rooftops, vehicles and the ground.


CYD Campus Distingushed Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dr. Dimitri Percia David , the first recipient of the Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, in an office

The first Cyber-Defence Campus (CYD) Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship was granted to Dr. Dimitri Percia David, a postdoctoral researcher at the Information Science Institute of the Geneva School of Economics and Management (UNIGE). His research will focus on technology forecasting and market monitoring for cyber-defence.


Cyber Defence Campus Participation at the DEF CON

This August, employees from the Cyber Defence Campus, armasuisse S+T, took part in the international hacker conference DEF CON. Their talks included presentations about their research activities in the area of cyber security in the aerospace sector. In parallel, the CYD Campus held a separate «Capture-the-Flag» task.


Creating words to invent the future
The identivist is a specialist who identifies enemy fighters, using special identification devices.

The creation and the disappearance of words is a part of every language development. Language reacts to current human needs. To create a word thus means being able to predict needs and thus to invent the future. armasuisse S+T’s research program Early Technology Detection is concerned with such future research.


Call for the Cyber Startup Challenge 2020
Keyvisual Cyber-Defence Campus - Two Hands

The Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology, is looking for innovative technologies for the Cyber Startup Challenge 2020.


Baptism of Fire for the Research Demonstrator «ARMANO»
Remote control of «ARMANO» is demonstrated to a machine operator.

The collapsed parts of the former ammunition depot Mitholz and the cone of debris in front of it still contain around 3500 gross tons of ammunition remnants. armasuisse Science and Technology is investigating how robotic tools can support a clearance action.


ARCHE 2020 – Swiss robotics for the disaster relief of the future
Drohne vor dem Abheben auf dem Boden

In today’s world, technologies are evolving constantly and rapidly. This also applies for the area of disaster relief, where robotics is to be used more and more to support humans. Within armasuisse S+T, the suitability of robot use can be evaluated and more learned about users’ needs with ARCHE.


Measurement of acoustic stress of vehicle occupants with vehicle blasting
Experiment  im Hallraum bei der EMPA in Dübendorf

Armoured vehicles must guarantee that passengers are protected in the event of blasting. This also applies for hearing. As a high level of sound pressure can occur in the interior of a vehicle, a check is performed to ensure that this does not exceed a defined limit value. The armasuisse S+T test centre has developed a new measuring procedure for the first time to determine the impact of the sound pressure on hearing.


First tests from diving robot demonstrator

The SDRZ DDPS is investigating how underwater robots can support divers of the Kommando KAMIR in their wide scope of activities. In February of this year, the first joint test was performed successfully with a research demonstrator. The potential of robotics was demonstrated and valuable information on aligning research activities was obtained.


Ammunition becomes ecological: From the foodstuffs industry to military applications
Grüne Munition

Environmental protection is ubiquitous in our everyday life and also has an impact on the production of ammunition. The department Explosive Materials and Ammunition Surveillance (WTE) is involved, in cooperation with industry, in the transition to «ecological» ammunition, the aim of which is to be more eco-friendly and less harmful to people.

Events S+T


03 November 04 November 2020

CYD Campus Conferences

10 November 2020

DEFTECH 2020 – Human-Machine Interface and Interaction
DEFTECH 05.05.2020 - Human-Machine Interface and Interaction

The future of the army is determined by human-machine interaction. Which combination is the most efficient and promising?