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armasuisse S+T is the center of technology of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS). Customers need to be able to make informed decisions. S+T provides the bases: risk-minimized, forward-looking, current. Customers also require system safety. S+T offers solutions: reliable, proven, operational.

armasuisse Sciene and Technology

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ICS Hackathon from 11 to 14 September 2023
Servers are located in a room in which there are various office desks and laptops

The Cyber Defence Campus of armasuisse Science and Technology is organising the industrial Control Systems (ICS) Hackathon in Thun from 11 to 14 September 2023. Over these few days, around 30 experts from the administration, industry and higher education institutions, as well as students, will come together to gain practical experience in a realistic ICS test environment in the fields of cyber attacks and defence methods.


Germany and Switzerland strengthen their cooperative partnership with the project «Cognitive Radar»
The Head of armasuisse S+T putting pen to paper on the “Technical implementation agreement

In summer 2023, the German and Swiss procurement agencies signed an agreement to take part in a project focusing on cognitive radars. The aim of this agreement is to strengthen their scientific cooperation and improve the two countries’ knowledge of the aforementioned adaptive systems. The project will run for a limited period of four years.


EU AI Law Under Stress Test
Group photo of the two winning teams of "The First University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge"

The European Union is working on a new law for regulating artificial intelligence (AI). As part of a unique competition and in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, armasuisse Science and Technology subjected the law to a “stress test” to check its applicability.


ARCHE 2023 - Robotics for the disaster relief of the future
The participants of the ARCHE 2023 assembled.

The "Advanced Robotic Capabilities for Hazardous Environments" event, ARCHE for short, took place at Avully from 10 to 14 July 2023, the first time it has been held in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The event is a collaboration between the DDPS's Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre (SDRZ) of armasuisse Science and Technology, the Engineering/Rescue/ABC training unit and ETH Zurich. The aim of the ARCHE platform is to enable robotics application findings to be used to assist the armed forces and other authorities with a security role in the area of disaster relief and to make it possible to assess the use of robotics in this context.


Annual reporting on the research programme Impact, Protection and Safety
A head with digital networking in the brain

On Wednesday, 5 July 2023, the annual report on the research programme «Impact, Protection and Safety » from armasuisse Science and Technology was held in Thun. This was an internal DDPS event. The 60 or so specialists present used the opportunity for an in-depth exchange of ideas.


Exploring outer space with SitSat
A tablet running the SitSat application

Outer space is being used more and more by both civilian and military stakeholders. This includes armasuisse Science and Technology, which was able to develop a prototype for an operational picture of outer space for the Swiss Armed Forces. This allows the situation of all known satellites to be displayed and tracked at any location in the world.


Annual reporting on research programmes «Unmanned Mobile Systems / Robotics» and «Space»
Image of an artificial head

The annual reporting for the two research programmes «Unmanned Mobile Systems / Robotics» and «Space» from armasuisse Science and Technology took place on Tuesday, 6 June 2023 in Thun. This was an internal DDPS event. The 80 or so specialists present used the opportunity for an in-depth exchange of ideas.


Connectivity and interoperability between the command and control domain and the simulation environment
Illustration of a soldier in an operation center

Troops need full and consistent information on the latest situation to plan activities for military deployments and operations. Command and control (C2) systems are used for this. As part of the project to procure new C2 systems, research testing and evaluation is being conducted with the assistance of training and simulation methods supported by artificial intelligence (AI).


CYD Proof of Concept Fellowship
Block and background with electrical circuit

The Cyber Defence (CYD) Campus of armasuisse Science and Technology and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have jointly launched a new talent programme. The aim of the CYD Proof of Concept Fellowship is to develop innovative solutions to challenges in cybersecurity and data science through applied research. Are you a future entrepreneur with an innovative idea for the Swiss cyber defence?

Events S+T


26 October 2023

Cyber-Defence Campus Conference 2023
A statue with digital nets around its head

This year’s Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus Conference will take place in the Kursaal in Bern on 26 October 2023. The core theme of the conference is security in the age of AI: opportunities and risks. ...

armasuisse S+T research brochure

The research brochure from armasuisse Science and Technologies provides you with an insight into our unusual daily research routine.

We present the knowledge we have obtained from our research activities and highlight the benefits that have resulted from our research and the cooperation with our research partners.

Enjoy reading.

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Science and Technology

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